Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Prologue // I Am Queen excerpt (also The Block)

I'been trying to write for days. Weeks really. I've been experiencing that lovely little complication writers unaffectionately refer to as "writers block." Every so often The Block comes along and steals every single little letter word right out of your brain, and refuses to return them until you've begged, cried, blamed and begged some more, and finally completely given up trying because it's useless. The words just aren't there anymore. That's when The Block decides to give the words back, but instead of just returning them with a sweet please and thank-you, The Block throws those words at your head as hard and fast as it can, leaving you to scribble as fast as you can while attempting to keep up.
          But its pretty hard to be mad, because when it finally decides to return those missing words again, The Block usually sends a lovely idea or two to sort of smooth it all over, and somehow it usually works. those ideas make it all worth it.

so all this is pretty much a nonsensical way to say, i started writing again this morning after a break, and came up with some lovely stuff. i even discovered that my novel needed a prologue! (who would have thought it!) It's my "villeins" back story, and is going to make writing about him so much easier. Because now I finally understand him and why he's so hateful. It is rather exciting!! 

In honor of this lovely occasion, (or really just because I want to!) I have decided to share two teeny-weeny snippits from my new prologue! 

Oak trees and green grass on hills over valley in spring at sunset, Briones Regional Park, Contra Costa County, California

She slipped away at dusk, while the sky was brilliant with oranges and pinks, leaving me parent-less and heartbroken.
I Am Queen - Prologue 

Owen Ellis

... I took six men with me and journeyed as fast as possible, arriving in London six days later. I was unsure of how to proceed with finding my father, but finally determined to present myself at Court. There was no reason why I shouldn't. I was Lord Ellis' only son and complete heir. I was to inherit his vast wealth and title, and was fully competent to approach the king without any presumption on my part.    - I Am Queen - Prologue


  1. I LOVE IT. I can't wait to read more! Owen Ellis sounds so cool. I love villains :)

    1. it was absolutely lovely yesterday to finally understand him! Now he's not just a bad guy, but he has a reason for doing what he is. After all, one doesn't usually go around killing off other people without a pretty good reason! I am very excited to finally be able to write about him. :)

  2. Looks like it's gonna be a great book! :)


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