Wednesday, January 8, 2014

chasing the sun

since getting my license last month, i've gone out a few times to chase the sunset. shooting at different locations than the one standard sunset shot i can get from my house (The first photo is what i mean. :),  it's been amazing, and i plan to try to find even more creative situations and back grounds. one can't alwayshoot photo's omountains, you know. (apparently that what is known as a sarcasm font. in my opinion every picture could have one of my mountains in it and all would be lovely and wonderful. I think Hallie would agree with me completely. :) 


  1. Yes, I agree! I think you took some of these the same night I took these:
    (I recognize that cloud!!)

  2. I recognized some of those clouds from Hallie's photoshoot, too! I love them all--they're so beautiful :)


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