Tuesday, January 21, 2014

reading the hours away


           i.  it's been cold but dry lately. it seems so strange to not have any snow, because, this is the first january i can remember that we haven't had at least a little snow. the whole rest of the country seems to be having snow! ;) but i can't honestly say that i mind the fact that we don't have it this year (yet). since i just got my license last month, i'm not exactly looking forward to the day i have to venture out on thin ice.:) 
           ii.  and this kind of weather is perfect for snuggling up with tea and a good book and blissfully reading the hours away. i've set a reading goal this year for the first time in my life. i never felt the need before, but i decided that this year i wanted a goal to strive towards. i can't say that it's going to be hard to reach 100 books, because it isn't. thanks to the speed reading/ comprehension course my mother put me through several years ago, i burn though books at an alarming rate. but i love lists, and keeping track of all sorts of random stuff, and i think that keeping track of all the books i read this year and working towards a goal will be extremely rewarding. 
          iii.  i know i can'st stop talking about books once i get started. it must drive some people nuts sometimes. when i stop to think about it, "what have you been reading?" is probably like the first question i ask people, except for the customary"how are you." it's not that i don't care about people and how they are and all that, it's just that reading and writing are my biggest passions, and i love people who share that passion with me. i recently started discovering Goodreads. i have known about it since last year, and started an account, but i got back on, and started exploring a little bit and am in love with it. It is amazing. okay. i'll stop now. :)
          iiii. this is kind of a rambley post, but it seems like my brain has been pretty rambley this week, if that makes sense. it's been really hard to be productive and motivated. all i want to do is sip tea and read. maybe it's just winter blues. maybe i'm just tired of my mundane routine and need to be more busy. 

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