Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Gentlewoman's Choice


Outside, my world is cold and gray. The snow is still pretty, but not nearly as pretty as when it first fell! It's cloudy, instead of bright blue and sunny. I've been trying to avoid going outside at all costs for the last few days. I'm a wimp when it comes to cold!! :) (Unless I'm skiing or doing something like that!) But inside, I am warm, and so happy I don't have to be out there!! :)

Have you read this ^ book?
If not, I highly suggest you do. It's so beautifully written, so sweet and thought provoking. I just finished it a couple of days ago, (for the second time! :)) and loved it. I decided to read it again, right away, but slowly, and stop reading every time I came to something amazing, and think about it. Most of the time I just blaze through books, and don't stop and think about things. This book is filled with beautiful quotes and things.
Here's one of the first things that caught my attention last night, just a few pages in.
The mother and her adult son are talking, while on vacation, and the son is angry because the weather is stormy. He brings up the story about the three Hebrews in the fiery furnace.
"I am afraid, Cornelius, my dear son, that you will need the furnace yourself to teach you that the will of God, even in unpleasant weather, is a thing for rejoicing in."
I've never really considered the will of God something to rejoice in, much less when His will is different that what I think I *want.*
This book is about 23-year-old Hester Raymount, a girl living in London. She has a passion for the poor, and a beautiful voice. When, her family inherits a home in the country, and her father becomes a semi wealthy squire, a man, who hides his real character from her, falls in love with Hester, and they become engaged.
Then, when her future looks bright, her brother make some awful choices, and disappears. Her family is devastated, and Hester fears that her engagement must be broken off. She quickly goes to London to restore the family's honor, and try to find her wayward brother.
Then, Lord Gartley reveals his true character, and Hester must decide if her convictions, and her Calling, are worth more to her than marriage to the earl.
You can find the book on Amazon, pretty cheap. :)
So, what do you do inside, to keep from going crazy, when the weather is frigid outside?
And another random question, if you're a country girl, do you have *your*mountain, that's near you, that you love, and claim?
Mine's Adams, and I LOVE that mountain, and I love Hood second best. :)

^ Mt. Adams

^ Mt. Hood

Well, hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend!!

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