Sunday, March 4, 2012


I have a huge surprise for ya’ll!!!!

As you know from my last post, my mom was going in tomorrow to get induced. Well, long story short, mom went in Thursday night, because of a lot of different reasons, and they started trying to induce Friday morning, and through a bunch of problems, James Jeremiah was born at 4:20 this afternoon. I was able to witness the birth, and that was awesome!!! He weighed 7.8 pounds, and was 19 ½ inches long. :)

I’ll post more about all that later!!

And I also had triplet goat kidds born yesterday morning about 6:00 AM, and two of them made it, and are doing amazingly well. The mom is having a lot of problems, and I’m not sure if she is gonna make it, but I hope that it will all turn out great. We are bottle-feeding, and the babies are SOOO cute!!

I promise photos and details to follow soon.



  1. What a sweet picture, Becca!! :) I am sure you are sooo excited. ;) I will be looking for more pictures. Babies are so precious!! <3

    Thanks for your comments on my blog, Salt and Light Photography. :) It is sure nice to hear from you. :)


  2. Well congratulations to you all!!!! ♥♥

  3. Congratulations to everybody!
    <3 <3 Hannah :)


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