Saturday, January 7, 2012


Doesn't that word just make you happy? I love to shop, but in certain circumstance, shopping with my seven younger siblings is a little, challenging, shall we say. :PBut nevertheless, shopping is still really fun.

I went shopping a couple days ago, (with my seven little siblings. :P) and came away with some really cute things, I took some photos (with my six-year-old sister's help.) of a couple of my favorite things.

This sweater is lighter purple than in the above photo, and darker than the one below. :) It really is beautiful, and looks good on me, dark colors look good on me. :)

Sorry about the funny pose, I was having some fun while I did this, and this was the best one. :)
This is a cool color!! I can't believe that I convinced my mom to let me get it. :D I love this green.

And this is my 6-year-old sisters, and I am in love!! It is so cute, I think I'll steal it from her. :) Ok, maybe not, I just thought about what it would look like if I walked around town with this on. :)

And I just added this scarf to a scoop neck tee I haven't been wearing, and I am in love with it. It's SOO cute.
So, do you like shopping?
xo, dears,


  1. You know I love to shop. :D

    That scarf is lovely! :D

  2. You found some really cute stuff Becca!!!! All the out-fits look so cute on you!!!! :) Thanks for the post!!!!! :)



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