Friday, January 20, 2012


Little things make me happy. A bird eating out of a birdfeeder, a water drop on a flower, facial expressions, dogs intent of getting that squirrel, emails from my brother. I love being a “photographer,” because it gives me the opportunity’s to capture the little things, the happy little things. J  

This ^ is our lovely yellow lab, Sunny, at the park the other day, she was about to run after a squirrel, and she looks so intent. It’s funny to watch her chase a squirrel and then look surprised that she didn’t get it! J She does get a lot of them here at the house though.

This ^ little boy is too cute. His name’s Luke and he is one of my seven brothers. J
Such a sweet girl!!! ^
Who knew that taking macro pictures of wet dog fur was entertaining?!?!  
I love fruit, and taking photos of it is totally fun! There is such a variety of colors and shapes, and sizes…
Pomegranate is really fun to photography, and it’s one of my favorite flavorings for juice and infused redbulls. J

Littlest siblings,  ^ who are really cute!!
What little thing makes you happy?

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