Tuesday, February 24, 2015

twenty random facts // 1

1. I started to watch Disney movies last summer after hanging out with my sister-in-law and her sisters a couple of times and realizing my education was sorely lacking. Before that I had only seen a very few Disney movies, and none of the Princess films. It's been really fun.

2. I think New Zealand accents are the most brilliant on the planet. Seconded very closely by South African and British, of course. 

3. I am terrified of heights. I am terrified of falling. I am going skydiving this summer. How can I explain this? I can't.

4. My favorite animals are: Horses, dogs, elephants, cows, dragons and polar bears. In that order. (And ducks. I like ducks, which is weird, because I really, really, really dislike birds.)

5. I'm a sucker for trucks. Sure, I find the occasional car attractive or adorable, usually the older models, but I will notice the big trucks with large knobby tires 100% more of the time rather than sports cars.

6. I used to order a 16oz vanilla latte every single time I went to starbucks. I now order a 12 oz black and white mocha. Sure, it's not adventurous, but it tastes amazing!

7. I love to fish (the act of going out in a boat or standing on a dock with my Grandpa, dad and brothers, although I don't actually know what I'm doing beyond reeling it in. :) But I do not like to eat fish. I am more than happy to allow anybody else to eat a fish I caught. YOU ARE WELCOME to it. :)

7. I drink between 3 and 6 mugs of tea every day. Usually alternating between peppermint, camomile and earl gray. 

8. I desperately want to touch and ride an elephant. :)

9. I have panic attacks on airplanes and carnival rides. The kind of attacks where I literally cannot breath. 

10. I would love to go Christamas Caroling out of season. Like in July. 

11. My idea of the perfect gift is either 1. a book, 2. a coffee card, or 3. a book.

12. Someday I want to dye my hair a dark almost auburn red.

13. I clean my room and then BAM it's a mess again like literally three seconds later.


15. I am procrastinating on math by writing this post.

16. I played my flute this morning for the first time in probably a year and a half. I'm thinking about starting to play/learn it again. I am also starting to work on playing piano a bit after taking a couple years off because of my injury.

17. I started writing on a new project last week that goes completely against everything i've ever said about arranged marriages. (I hate the idea of arranged matches.) But I like where the idea is going, and it will be a good exercise writing about a controversial subject (at least for me,) from the opposite point of view. (i.e. an arranged marriage that ended happily and wonderfully.) 

18. my second peircings are finally healing properly. I finally put in my gold studs permanently as a last resort before just letting them heal up, and it has seemed to do the trick! They're not bleeding anymore, which was the main problem. 

19. My favorite book from this year so far is The Magic of Ordinary Days. After watching the movie I knew that I had to find and read the book. (Incidentally it was about an arranged marriage during WW1.) The movie is sweet and adorable and I love it. The book was fantastic and incredible as well, but you really have to view them as two different storylines because they are quite a bit different. It doesn't work to compare them. They're both amazing in their own way. The book does have a couple of mature scenes, so I recommend reading with caution, and due to the content and topic it's not a children's book. :) 

20. I have decided not to cut off my hair, after deliberating long and hard for the past few months. :) I was pretty sure for a while that I was going to cut it off in a pixie cut. It's finally pretty long after chopping it off the last time, and I am going to try to be more patient with it for the time being.

oh, and the photos are unrelated mostly, but every post has to have a picture or two right? will you tell me five random facts about your day, or your week, or books you're loved/hated so far this year? :)


  1. Hey Becca! :)
    Hmm...can I come caroling with you in July? ;)

    Alrighty, so here are 5 random facts about moi:
    1. I really want to learn French someday.
    2. Got braces on my top teeth today...for the second time! (they didn't work the first time, so I have to wear them again.) :P
    3. My favorite animals are horses, cows, dogs, dragons...and unicorns. ;)
    4. I am totally scared of deep water. (can't bear to think about what might be down there...)
    5. I really want to publish the book I'm working on. If I ever get it finished that is...

    Okay, so those aren't exactly about my week or day...but it works...right? ;)
    See you Sunday?

    1. apsolutly, Megan!! I think that this summer I shall just have to actually do it, and get a group together to go caroling. :)

      Oooh, french has always been a favorite language of mine. I know spanish would be more practical, but if I ever learn a language I think it would be French or Italian.
      I'm sorry about the braces, but hope they'll work this time. Yes, water... I don't swim a lot because of that reason. Pools are the only place I feel super comfortable swimming in.
      Publishing a book would be SO cool! It's always been on my bucket list.

      Thanks for commenting! (and we'll hopefully see you Sunday. :)

  2. Hey Becca!
    I'll come caroling with you! ;)

    Okay, here are five random facts about me:
    1. I would like to learn Spanish someday.
    2. My goat had a baby boy today! I named him Ezekiel, he is Soooo cute!
    3. My favorite animals are horses, dogs and goats.
    4. I started playing the Penny Whistle last year! Its lots of fun!
    5. I think it would be fun to teach our puppy Agility!
    Hope to see you Sunday!

  3. Becca, I think New Zealand accents are the coolest thing ever. I want to go to New Zealand just so I can pick up their accent.


    1. I'm kind of addicted to tea. I drink a mug-full in the morning (PG Tips, please), a couple more during the day (Earl Grey, preferably), and a couple of mug-fulls in the evening/night (Peppermint, Chamomile, or Sleepy Time blend). :D
    2. I've been reading an awesome Puritan Paperback by Thomas Brookes called "The Secret Key to Heaven". It's a book about private prayer and the joy of prayer. It's probably the most inspiring thing I've read yet this year!
    3. My sister and I have been watching the show "Leverage" recently and I can't believe I haven't seen this show until now! It's seriously hilarious and clever.
    4. I'm working on planning my very first student spring recital for my little piano students. :D
    5. I visited our local health food store for the first time this week and am still geeking out over how good their ginger beer is.

    Cheers! :D

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