Thursday, February 26, 2015

five fictional characters I would bring to life if i could

1. Anne Shirley
     Anne is so original, so inspired and beautiful. I think in some senses, she is a bit overly dramatic, (occasionally WAY over dramatic,) but she's fictional, so we have to forgive her of some faults. :) She's witty, eager to please, a dreamer and a go-get-er. She reaches for the moon, and then past it. Anne has dreams bigger than her own imagination, but she clings to the simple way of life, the little pleasures, if that makes sense. If I had got to pick a fictional bestie, Anne-girl would probably be the one I picked. (Sorry, Diana!)

2. George Knightly
     I love Darcy, and Tilney and all Ms. Austen's other heros, but when I think of Jane Austen my mind skips past all of them and right to Knightly. (actually, MR. Knightly. ;) I've always been adamant that marriages between people who's ages are too far apart (more than 8 or 10 years.) is weird and usually not a good idea. But then I read books about amazing people like Emma and Knightly and Little Dorrit and Arthur and I won't say they've changed my views but lets just say that I am more open to the idea than before. But seriously, Mr. Knightly is so sweet, so tender and not afraid to speak his mind even when it is painful. He is caring, sensitive, (Handsome, conveniently rich!), everything a young man should be! 

 My current TBR stack. 1. Hamlet, (can someone tell me that they loved this book please?! I've been too "scared" to start it. 2. The Space Trilogy, C.S. Lewis (I'm on the third one. They're weird.) 3. The Importance of Being Earnest and other plays. (the only one worth reading is Earnest.) 4. John Buchan's "The Four Adventures of Richard Hannay. (I'm struggling through these.) 5. The Hiding Place. (Really good so far, but I'm only two chapters into it. ;) I am excited to finally read her complete story. Ms. ten Boom was quite a woman!)

3. Edmund Dante
     It would be so cool to meet him, but terrifying at the same time. I'm not sure, if I had the power to make these literary hero's and heroine's really come to life, that I would bring Edmond. He is brilliant, and his knowledge and genius are overwhelming. While I love the story, the brilliance and complexity of the characters and plot-line, Edmond is actually terrifying, and I think I would be too scared to unleash him on the world. :) But since I don't have that power, I think it would be pretty cool to meet him! And he wasn't all scary, he had a sensitive, caring, and loving side to his personality as well. If you were his enemy, beware, you would come to ruin and probably lose your life in the bargain, but if this man was your friend or protector then you had the most amazing ally and the best and dearest of friends. 

This is a fantastic book following the entire war chronologically though with these nurses' experiences on the frontlines. I don't recommend reading it, though, unless you are doing research, or are REALLY interested in nurses during WW2. It's super sad, and really detailed. It is great, however!

4. Lucy, Susan, Edmund and Peter
     Technically that's four in one, but who's counting? :) I love the idea of really meeting them. (and to be honest, I think hanging out with Edmond would be a blast. Who said there isn't air inside?!) They're amazing and mature far beyond their years, especially after the first book or two. (although those are the best books.) 

5. Lizzy
     She's fiery, even a little radical for her day. She's outspoken and has quite the temper. She is loyal, loving, witty and charming. I think we would get along pretty well! Now the real struggle would be, would I bring her to my world? Or could I go to hers? :)

There are many more favorite fictional characters that I considered besides these five. But a lot of them I couldn't bear the idea of coming to life. Either their stories are much to sad or painful, or I couldn't stand the thought of pulling them out of their own worlds for even a minute. :) That idea probably sounds strange in itself. 

My math homework from today... or actually I think this was from yesterday, but nevertheless the notebook pages from the last few days have been rather filled with lots of tiny numbers. But they've been neater than usual. :) And I ate a package of smarties before sitting down to work this afternoon. Do you think that helped?! :)

Also, first prize to the person who can tell me what books these five lovely people are from, and second prize to those who caught the references. :) It should be pretty obvious, actually. :) 


  1. I'm with you on Mr. Knightley... I've always felt that he easily surpasses Mr. Darcy and the others. :)

  2. I liked Hamlet! It was hard, but it was good :) I wouldn't say I LOVED it, but I did like and appreciate it. He's a cool guy.

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