Tuesday, February 17, 2015

missing // a list

+my bestie
+Mt. Adams
+walking through our property and trying to glimpse the top of Mt. Hood through the trees on clear days
+finding the first wild flowers of spring peeping shyly out of the frozen, saturated earth
+voice lessons every Wednesday morning at 10:00am
+watching the sun set behind the maple tree every night
+running into people you know at every errand you run
+living five minutes from town
+no traffic lights or traffic in general
+ wading in our swollen creek bed on the first warm day in February
+girls nights with friends
+the christian book store and movie rental and always knowing we could count on them to know whether a movie was appropriate or watchable for us.
+my big brothers, although i saw them both last week
+cleaning every week for really sweet people
+ my horse nickering every time I walked outside
+not having to fence my dogs
+the wind roaring across the land
+ the drive through the gorge and the inexpressible beauty of the river and hillsides
+seeing five to 50 deer almost every single day
+courteous drivers
+the coffee shop that only charged 1.50 for a hot chocolate
+the feed store people knowing what brand of chicken food your family buys so you don't have to call your dad at work
+never getting lost whilst trying to drive somewhere
+knowing where everything you need is at the library
+mudding with my big bro in his awesome flatbed
+having to decide which way i wanted to drive home
+everyone waving at everyone

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  1. Aw...this is sweet, but sad too :( You're coming up on a year in the next few weeks, aren't you?

    Also...I am incredibly flattered to be at the top of your list! You are so sweet :) I miss you!

    dance a real


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