Tuesday, October 14, 2014

the joys (or struggles) of photographing

 mountains are  one of my favorite things to photograph, because 1) they're stunning, breathtaking and absolutely awe-inspiring. And after climbing one, I have come to realize how humongous they really are. 2) They hold still. You can sit there for twenty minutes changing the settings and working through lighting issues and moving to different angles and there is absolutely no hurry. I'm serious, it's beautiful. There is no complaining during the shoot, no wiggling, no awful faces, no blinking. That's why I like photographing mountains, (and trees. Although if it's windy they don't hold quite as still.)

children, on the other hand, can be the most difficult subjects to photograph on the planet. The shoot starts out with good intentions; Just a quick photograph to send to the big brothers, just put them in a line, and have the taller ones lean down and squat down so that they're faces are framed on the same level. Take a couple tester photos to check the lighting. And then suddenly everything goes south really fast. You find yourself repeating things over and over, "hold still... don't move... can I have a real smile... Stand up... squat down... look at me not the goats..." And finally you think/say something along the lines of, "just stand there and try not to look like you're killing each other.
then again, they are pretty cute. no i'm not biased. why would you ask something like that? ;)
I think we were pretending to be some sort of lion or tiger or bear here. His poor little face is all banged up from a tumble down the stairs a couple days ago. I think I'm rubbing off on him. ;)

what's your favorite subject to photograph? Any tips on bribing kiddos to hold still and smile pretty? 

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