Saturday, October 4, 2014

pretend it's cold // it's a girl thing

Skirt: Gift  altered by me. {0}
Sweater: Kmart {17.99}
Belt: Walmart {4.99}
Boots: thrifted {9.99}
Scarf: Walmart {5.99 for two. :)}
Earrings: County Fair {3.98}
Spoon ring: Farmers market {10.00}

These pictures are proof that I do, in fact, occasionally wear shoes. :) I don't think I've remembered to put them on for ANY of my outfit posts before. :) 
I'm not gonna lie. This outfit made me feel incredibly cute, even though I nearly died of heatstroke whilst running errands. o.O maybe it's not quite cold enough for warm sweaters. I love the look of these boots, although they annoy me to an excessive degree because they squeak when I walk. :) 

have you started wearing scarves, boots and sweaters yet? What is your favorite go-to fall wardorb item?


  1. This outfit IS incredibly cute! I love it when I feel pretty and professional. . . . :) I've not yet actually worn a sweater, though I think I'm going to tomorrow for church. I've worn my little miniature boots twice already this fall.

    dance a real

  2. Cute outfit, Becca! I love the boots. :)


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