Thursday, October 2, 2014

r e a l

I realized, whilst thinking lately, that I portray myself very differently online than I do in the every day. I use massive words, (as opposed to smaller expressions which plausibly would be more effortless to comprehend,) in an attempt to sound more educated. :) The pictures I post are the ones in which I look as close to perfect as possible. (i.e. nice smile? check. clothing all laying right? check. make-up? check.) But that's not who I am. 
If you were to follow me around for the day, you would discover several things. 
1) I'm weird. As in, really really weird. I have strange pet peeves, I have strange habits, (and the first time I typed that I typed habbits, because of rabbits... :) 
2) you would discover that i'm really insanely klutzy and dorky. I trip over things that aren't there, and regularly fall down the stairs. just because.
3) most days if we aren't going out, my hair looks awful and I won't have make-up on. 
4) I'm not the sweetest person on earth. in fact, I'm super sarcastic, and my temper runs away with me more times than i'd like to admit. 
5) I'm more of a country girl redneck (I'm being honest, see?) then you would EVER guess, especially if you've only seen me in group settings, or when I'm not entirely comfortable. (Mostly group settings. people can be SCARY. :) loud mufflers? of course. you wanna take me mudding? absolutely. Shooting guns? take me with you! i admire trucks, and everything, at least in theory, can be fixed with duct-tape and super glue

So, this post is random, and has some blooper photos, (I was scared to death to post them, but inspired by this sweet girl.). some of these pictures are WEIRD but for some strange, unknown reason, they captured my fancy. 

i don't know why i liked this, except that it makes me think of Peter Pan, and losing his shadow. Yes, that is a movie I regularly watch with my little siblings, along with Bambi, Robin Hood, the Aristocats and Jungle Book. 

the leaves are starting to die and fall to the ground, in a last tribute to the beauty they once were. 

 this is posted because I threatened him that if he didn't make a nice face, I'd just go ahead and post one of the awful ones. He didn't make a nice face... :)
in case you have never tried this, I suggest you do in the next moment of absolute boredom: Take your camera, and set the shutter speed for 1.5 to 2 seconds and then spin in a circle, whilst taking pictures continuously. You should get one or two that look like this, (And a whole bunch that are awful and should be thereby deleted forever. Because if anybody saw them, they would question your abilities as a photographer.

and a preview of an outfit post that should be up in the next couple days. :)

happy october!
(I'm so glad i live in a world that has Octobers.)


  1. I don't think anyone portrays themselves quite "real" online--unless they're those rare people who use blogging entirely to clear their minds and vent their feelings. I certainly don't. It drives me bazooka sometimes what I sound like online versus real life.

    I love the "blooper" shots in this post :) The two shadow photos are ah-mazing, and the spinning one is beautiful. I want to try that sometime. And the outfit is AWESOME. I can't wait to see more of it :) Oh, and by the way, I haven't worn my matching sweater yet this fall. I think it'll be up in the next couple weeks, howevs. :)

    dance a real

  2. Okay so I LOVE that second sunset picture...those clouds are amazing and your exposure is so perfect...and the one with your shadow holding the camera is breathtaking!
    Also, I'm all for being real on blogs. I'm probably more real on my blog than I am in everyday life, and even though it scares me to publish every post, I don't think I'd have it any other way. I think once you're free of who you think you should be, being who you are becomes SO much easier. And the fact is, we ALL have a hard time being brave enough to be real. We can all relate to that struggle. Anyone who claims otherwise is either jealous or delusional.

    "The more authentic and honest you are in your interaction with the world, both professionally and personally, the better you will be placed to do the kind of work which will touch others and move their hearts and minds. Because if you mean it, chances are it will mean something to somebody else." - Tom Hiddleston


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