Wednesday, September 24, 2014

18 things

so something super weird happened today. my bestie turned 18. whaaa? 

these were taken on our road trip last month, the night we all dressed up and went out for Thai. Oh, and I didn't get permission to post these. But they were on my camera. :)

18 things I like about Hannah, (And reasons I love having her for a best friend.)
1. She is just as weird as me. So I can be my strange, "normal" self and she totally gets it.
2. She has wonderful tastes in books and literature, (and movies!)
3. Her fashion sense is pretty awesome. it's a mix of business, preppy and classy.
4. She talks in funny voices sometimes. it's highly amusing.
5. Hannah wrote a book. AN ENTIRE BOOK! It's still in the editing stages currently, but it's gonna be stunning.
6. She is most amusing. That's why i keep her around, of course. :)
7. Hannah is incredibly encouraging and a wonderful listener.
8. Her voice, guys. She sings really, really, really pretty!!
9. She is SUPER organized. you should see her closet. (and please don't look at mine!)
10. She can back-in-park like a pro. i learned, passed the test and promptly forgot...
11. I can send her a ton of wedding planning stuff, dress links and color schemes and she doesn't freak out. I don't have to explain that no, there isn't a guy. I just got in a wedding mood. :)
12. She's kind of brilliant.
13. Um guys, she is the VERY SWEETEST person on the planet.
14. She has curly hair. (every girls dream, right?) 
15. She sings disney songs too.
16. She is incredibly hard working and dedicated, from working on the irrigation on their farm, to homework for her AA degree.
17. She calls me Bex. :)
18. She puts up with me calling her, chatting on the internet, and emailing ALL the time when I'm lonely.

So all this is to say, i love you, girlie, and i LOVE having you as a best friend.

 just for the record, i don't always smile like that, but I think I was laughing...  :) :) :)


  1. have no idea how much this made me smile :) Thank you for being such a sweet friend! Love you!

    dance a real

    1. Oh, and by the way, I will remind you that I totally failed back-in parking with Mr. F's final drive ;)

      dance a real

  2. Okay so Bex is the best nickname ever. I wish I had come up with it. :)


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