Monday, September 8, 2014

fallish layers // it's a girl thing

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skirt- thrifted, {8.99}
purple cami/tank- Fred Myers {12.99}
cardigan- Walmart {12-96}
flats- Walmart {11.95}
scarf - thrifted {4.99}

i was slightly excited to wake up this morning and find out that it was chilly and foggy outside, so I could throw on a warmer shirt and a scarf to wear to my chiropractor appointment, to add layers and extra cuteness. while i'm not looking forward to the wet this fall, I am looking forward to being able to wear scarves and boots. :)

okay, to add a whole new layer of fun to this post, these are several outfits that I've been drooling over on Pinterest.
That SKIRT!! seriously... so it's like $95 but it's so pretty!! :)
Navy midi skirt, grey tee, printed scarf // can i wear this outfit every single day please?!
Simple, but the skirt is so fun, and the scarf pulls the look together. 

Makes me happy and excited for the casual but put together aspect

this just screams classy. 

so, what is your number one fashion tip for dressing for fall, or what is the one thing you are most excited about when it comes to fall clothing this year? 

p.s. GUYS IT"S SEPTEMBER 8TH!! Can somebody please explain? :)
p.p.s. my outfit posts are going to be titled "it's a girl thing" from now on. in case you were wondering. ;)

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  1. I really, really like the drape of your cardigan, and the shape of that skirt! Both so cute :) I can't wait to start dressing for fall in earnest. It's still pretty hot 'round here.

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