Sunday, October 12, 2014

it's a girl thing // of owls and heels


the details:
Skirt: thrifted {8.99?}
cardigan: thrifted {4.99}
black pumps: kmart {19.99}
purple cami: Fred Myers {12.99}
Owl Necklace: antique shop {8.95}
earrings: Walmart {4.99 for six pairs of studs}
aren't they simply adorable?! I've worn them so many times in the last two weeks, but I won't tire of them. they're too cute to not wear! :)

these outfit pictures aren't the classiest, (you can see the sticks on the porch and the extremely classy snoopy towel we draped on the bench in an attempt to keep my puppy's hair off it, since that is her favorites place to sleep currently. And you can't see my face because of the sun. But I was determined to take them, and so take them we did. :) I wore this outfit last Wednesday to run errands and take the girlys to their ballet lesson. It was one of those *amazing* hair days. you know, where your hair may not look as amazing as you think, but you feel like it looks wonderful, and it changes your whole mood. I felt cute,  and that's the whole point of dressing up, right? :)

this is the stack of books I've been working on lately. {and i'm just gonna throw this out there... the baby name book is for naming characters. :)}  I have since finished both the Anne books, watched mulan, and finished American Women and World War 2, (after working on it sporadically for the last  eight months. It was good, really interesting and informational, and WW2 has always fascinated me. But you guys, it was massive information overload at times. So i just read a little here and there as i felt like it.
     I'm reading through the Anne Shirley series again, and enjoying them so much. I would seriously recommend going back and rereading them all if you haven't anytime in the last couple of years. I always find something new and beautiful to admire in each book. :) And the characters are decidedly quirky, which is my favorite character trait in fictional characters. I get decidedly bored with normal-follow-every-rule-and-never-say-anything-clever characters. And, to be perfectly honest, the man reason I have fallen so completely in love with Anne is the fact that she gets into so much trouble, doing things I can completely seeing myself doing. :)
     Oh, and this stack of currently-reading-books has grown again since I took this picture. I'll just admit to the title of a confirmed bookaholic. :) 

how was your weekend? have you gotten any reading or whatever your particular hobby is, done? :) did you get to do anything fun, or relaxing? 


p.s if you haven't heard of these guys already, go do yourself a favor and listen to 2cellos.  and also the song "me and my cello (happy together,)" by The Piano Guys. pure fun and gorgeousness. :)


  1. I love this outfit! You look gorgeous.

    I love your stack of books. I should take a picture of mine soon. A lot of nonfiction how-to books, unfortunately. :P

    dance a real

  2. Cute look, Becca - and aw, what cute owl jewelry indeed! :)


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