Friday, September 2, 2011

I am so TOTALLY excited!!!!!

We just got high-speed internet at our house, which means I can now post all the pictures that I have not been able to!!!!!!!!!!!

So, without further ado, I give you...... The pictures!! :)

Ok, so this is me. I am dressed in stuff for a horrid game of Airsoft. That is NOT a real gun, it shoots white plastic b.b.'s :) My reason for saying horrid is, well, I am  REALLY bad at it, and get out first. :)

So, this is a row of buildings in San Francisco. They have the coolest buildings there!!!! I could spend forever taking pictures of buildings, but I really need more practice. I still haven’t figured out the “knack” for it.

I don’t know if any of you have heard of Fisherman’s Warf, but it is a Warf along the Bay, and has all kinds of touristy type shops and restaurants.

This is the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s foggy, so you can’t see really well, but there it is. J I was really disappointed with it.  I figured that it would be this spectacular thing, and it’s just a bridge. lol
And this is another picture of me. J

Ok, so that's it for now, and I will hopefully be seeing much more of ya'll, now that it's easier to post!!!!!!

Love ya,


  1. Not fair! I want high speed! :) Congratulations on getting it, though!!

  2. Yes, having high speed is great! I gave up my allowance for high speed plus! :D So I can load Youtube videos that are 10 minutes long in about 2 minutes. :) It's great! {That is, it's great as long as my laptop is working!}

    Looking forward to all those photos~ enjoyed seeing these ones! :)

  3. Oh and you may want to post your photos only in the "large" size, not "extra large", that way they aren't overlapping the photos, etc. you have on the sidebar of you blog! :)

  4. @bekah,

    I know, we were having to take like over an hour for a 4 minuet vidio. Last night I showed my family a 7+ minuet one, and we didn't really even have to load it. And thanks, I will remember that, I'm still kinda having issues with my blog design and stuff, but hopefully will keep "resolving them. :)

    @ hallie, you guys should get it now!!!!!!! :)


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