Monday, September 5, 2011

More Pictures!!

I am totally loving this high-speed!!! It makes posting so much easier. and I have decided to post some more pictures. These are in no particular order, just photos that I haven't had the time to post before.

So this is my adorable littlest brother, Caleb. He is 2,  talks so well and cute and is well, just absolutely cute!!!! :)

This is at Newport Oregon, where we went in July.

Thomas and Caleb, waiting for another wave. :D

This is at the beach as well. We were all sitting around the campfire in the rain with a bunch of umbrellas. Seasonded campers I guess.  We've gotten used to the idea that if we are camping, its gonna rain!! lol

Had to show this one. It is a firework. I didn't do anything to it, this is just the way my camera took it. Weird. :)

Well, we went to the ice caves yesterday. I didn't do a whole lot of exploring. After falling 3 times in one minute  and being caught every time by a stranger guy, I decided that it was enough. I didn't end up feeling that embarrassed, the guy fell right after I steadied myself. :) 

Anyway, I should go, my brother is on the phone. (Thomas is at Army Basic, and he's calling home for the second time today. He hasn't gotten to the actual  basic yet, he's at what they call Reception. So he still has his phone until tomorrow. He is really bored. :))

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