Thursday, September 8, 2011


My small town could use your prayers right now, people!!!! There is a huge fire near us, and a chance that it will come to us!! Andrew said that we will be put on Standby Evacuation by 8:00 this evening, and if teh final Evacuation was to come, it would come in the middle of the night. Several of our freinds have had to evacuate their homes, and TONS of other have been evacuated. We have some freinds on their way to stay at our house because they were evacuated. We have had helicoptors with water baskest flying over our house all day, and there is a TON of smoke in the air. Your prayers that no homes would be burned would be GREATLY appriciated!!!

Andrew has been out with Search and Rescue all day, and part of yesterday, giving "evacuating notices" for the seriff office.

Thank you for praying!!!!!


P.S. here's a thought, what would you grab if you had to evacuate your home, say in the middle of the night, and had no more than 5 minuets to grab a couple of things besides your family. Leave your answer in the comment section.


  1. I'd grab my laptop, camera, Bible, childhood favorite toy, and several old and current journals.
    And believe me, I AM praying!

  2. Will pray! And I have no idea what I'd grab...something stupid, probably.... I hope you are okay, girl!!!!!


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