Sunday, September 18, 2011 do or not to do?!

Did I tell you that my crazy cool brother (Thomas, the army dude) and a bunch of his equally crazy cool freinds went skydiving in Augest?!?! This is one of them, (not Thomas, I just thought this pic was kinda fun. :). The sky was really blue, and the chutes were really colorful, (blue, green, turquoise"ish", and pink. The poor guy that got pink!! :) lol) It looked like so much fun, that a freind (who was there watching her brother) and I decided that when I turn 18 were gonna go do it together!! :) The only problem is that I have a little bit until I do turn 18, so I have a while to "back out!!"

This is the plane They went up in. Sorry the back of the tail is chopped off, this is the best photo. :) A

And this is the pink one. Now doesn't that make you want to jump?!?!? It is SOOO colorful!! :)


  1. Really!!!! You should find another crazy freind and plan to do it together sometime!!!! :)

  2. Sounds good to me! :D

    And I love the new blog look! So much more welcoming, I think! :D

  3. OH, well, I'm not sure what Template I had at 12:30 today. lol I've been trying to fix it for weeks, and I sat down today and just started pushing buttons. I am still having a TON of trouble, but it is getting Better!! :)


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