Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Allo ma chere ami!!!!

          Moi desire vous volonte voir le mou de ce ville quelque!!!!

Ahh, French. today in down-town San Francisco I was delighted to hear French being spoken all around me!! But I am sure you are 'dying' to know what my first translated sentence in french is......

          Hello my dear freind!
                    I wish you will see the light of this city sometime!!!!!

Ok, so it's not as great as it sounds in French, but hey, it took me more that 5 minuets to translate it from English into French.

          I have been known to say that I hate the city, and indeed I do (!!!!) but that almost changes when I see the beautiful lights at night. Each light is flickering in the blackness, chasing the shadows away, and representing a person.

          There are the big lights on stores that are open late for the convinious of the working class people that can't shop any other time.

          There are the lights of the cars, bound for heaven knows where, all in a great long line down a crowded freeway.

          There are the smaller lights of houses, where people work, play, sleep and are hanging out with family and freinds.

          The lights in the city almost remind me of the stars back home, and thats a big compliment!! The stars where I come from are bright and beautiful and almost seem to be smiling down on you when you look up at them. And, *smile* you can't count the city lights any more than you could count the starts... :)  

          Amour (love),

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  1. I love the city, but I would dearly love to see the views you are seeing right now! :) I love seeing new places in the world!


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