Thursday, March 26, 2015

It's A Girl Thing // Lace and Denim

I french braided my hair and then flipped it up inside itself and pinned it earlier this morning, but it slipped and looks strange, but at least it's off my neck! :)

 Daisy making a guest appearance... she was following me around the whole time. :)

The Details:
Skirt: Gift {0.00)
Tied Chambray Shirt: Khols {19.99}
Black Cami: Forever 21 {1.99}
Earrings: Gift {0.00}

I was inspired reading a post by the lovely Hannah Everly recently about being real in the blogging world. (something I've talked a little about before.) Anyway,  she inspired me to not feel so self concious about the "little less than perfect" photos of myself.

     Over the last year or so I have been becoming much more confident in my personality. I dealt with the normal issues as a young teen, (13-15) where everything is awkward and the typical ungraceful stage every girl seems to go through. But, contrary to most girls, I just never grew out of that stage. I take tumbles regularly, fall down the stairs at least once a month; I trip over my words and sentences and most of the time my brain is moving forward too fast and my tongue doesn't keep up. I can't make my thoughts into words, and I forget things with the speed of lightening. I cut myself and hurt myself all the time and it's not on purpose, (I am NOT a self harmer... it just happens.).  I have struggled with my ungracefulness for so long, (Doesn't every girl dream of being graceful and beautiful as a princess??) but I am learning to be confident in who I am. I may not be the most graceful person in the world, or on the dance floor, but have you tried my soups? ;) And that's just for starters! I can do lots of things well, so ungracefullness doesn't need to worry me so much. 
     Two days ago I landed flat on my back in a mud puddle after trying to kick a soccer ball from a standing position while holding a mug of hot coffee. The coffee went one direction while I landed squarely in the puddle. Whilst wearing a cute '50's style swing dress no less. My reaction, to my brothers relief, (who ALL witnessed it, btw,) was to giggle uncontrolibaly... while laying in the puddle. I just kept imagining how funny it had to look. The funny thing is that about a month ago I was having a conversation with one of the guys from church about sports, (no idea how it came up...) and I explained that I don't play sports except for volleyball because I am super klutzy and it seems like volleyball is the most "not dangerous" sport out there... and he asked if soccer would be safe. My answer was, "no, I'm pretty sure I would end up falling flat on my back..." I don't think he really believed me, but I proved myself right... :)

(Pretty sure this look means something like "don't make fun of my poses!" :)

So basically all this was to say, embrace who you are, because nobody else in the world is exactly like you, and it seems cliche, but we can be beautiful and special, no matter how weird or klutzy we are. :)


  1. You look so beautiful! I love this outfit and that lace skirt -- I want one!

    Thank you for writing down your thoughts for us :) I was feeling pretty bad about myself (in the company of others) tonight -- I've kind of been feeling bad about myself a lot lately -- and I needed the reminder!

    I think that you're one of the most beautiful (and confident) girls I know, and you're a great cook and you have a beautiful voice and you're a talented pianist. And besides that you're a sweetheart who loves Jesus! You really are amazing, Bex :)

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    1. I know, that skirt! One of the girls from church gave it to me for my birthday and I LOVE it!! :)

      I'm glad it encouraged you! I think struggling with our appearances is one of the major issues women struggle with all our lives, and I've just been tired of hating the way I look everyday, or feeling bad because I tripped in front of people. :) I kind of decided that people are just going to accept klutzy me! At least my family thinks it's cute. :)

      You are so sweet, Hannah!! Love you, dearie, and miss you like crazy!

  2. I love the way your hair looks! So classy and yet still fairly simple.

    1. Thank you, Kelpie! It looked better earlier in the day, but I like how that particular hairstyle wears, it seems to just get softer and whispy as the day goes by. :)

  3. Becca, you look so cute! I love your hair as well. Did you do that yourself? I'm really good at doing french braids on other people, but I always fail on my own.

    Also, my hair is super fine and without copious amounts of hairspray it likes to fall out of any style I put it up in. :P

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