Tuesday, March 24, 2015

baby frills

Sometimes Mom gets so excited about having another baby girl, that she overloads Lydia with frills and ruffles. Todays outfit, (or actually, this afternoons outfit. :) was a little over the top... even her socks had ruffles. Nevertheless, she was adorable as usual, and I almost caught a smile on camera. That feat is proving quite the challenge as she seems to become a little intimidated at the appearance of a DSLR, (and I admit that posing in front of a camera is quite daunting,) and she quite refuses to smile until the split second after I push the power button and it is too late. I shall continue in my attempts, however, and hopefully will manage to capture one or two soon!! :) She turns 5 months old on Sunday, and I believe she is somewhere around 9 1/2 pounds now. Mom is increasingly proud of her double chin and dimples. :) Lydia is growing up a little spoiled, and has learned that she has only to let out a little screech and one or two or ten people will fly to rescue her from boredom. We're rather fond of her. :)


  1. She's so cute! The ruffles look excellent on her.

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  2. So adorable! Is that your little sister? I hope she isn't offended by my saying, but she has quite the kissable cheeks. ;)

    My sister Anna and her husband are due to have their second baby this August! They're waiting until the baby is born to discover the gender. I love my little nephew and another boy would be so much fun, but part of me wants a little baby girl!

    Baby girl clothes are the most precious. Ever.

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    1. Yes, she is my baby sister. (in case you weren't aware, she was born two months premature, and that's why she is so tiny.) And yes, speaking with lots of experience in the area, her cheeks are rather kissable. ;)

      Aww, congratulations to your sister and her family! Babies are always so exciting. I think it is more fun to find out AFTER the baby is born... that way you have the fun of guessing and picking out two names, and all that. And I totally agree with you, girl clothes are way more fun. The last three in my family besides Lydia were boys, and my next littlest sister is going to be ten this summer, so it's been quite a while since we had a little girl to dress up. :)

      Thanks for your lovely comment, Danielle! :)


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