Friday, March 6, 2015

it's a girl thing // brown and mauve

The details: 
Dress: ??? 
Scarf: Gift {0.00}
Headband: Gift {0.00}

Wasn't that info terribly informational? :)

Today has been interesting. Mom had to leave pretty early, so I was up a little earlier than usual, downing coffee like a pro. :) Soon after she left, I fed James his breakfast and got him dressed and picked out this outfit for myself. I knew that I wouldn't be going anywhere, and that I am not feeling great, (getting over a headcold) so I wanted something EXTREMELY comfy. This dress is always the one I go to for comfort. It isn't flattering, because of the hiplines and pockets, but boy is it comfortable. I paired it with this scarf and headband (which I picked out separately, actually, and they were a perfect match.) I also decided not to bother with shoes. :)
     After getting dressed I straightened my hair and put make up on. (Yay for sparkly gold eyeshadow!). I'm going hiking tomorrow morning, and have to be up really early to meet everyone on time, and i knew I wouldn't want to spend much time on my hair in the morning. So I washed it last night and straightened it this morning so that tomorrow I can just brush it and maybe touch up the straightening a bit. Strategy, folks! :)
     And after finally getting ready for the day, I searched the entire house for my SD card, which my little sister had misplaced. I finally found it in the last place I looked. Who would have thunk it? :) 
     I've also been working on laundry all day, and will be done as soon as I finish drying the current load. :) This afternoon I shall do math and biology, and read some of The Three Hostages by John Buchan. (His books are fabulous, ftr.) I shall probably also con one of my brothers into going for a walk with me. 

How has your day been?


  1. I like this outfit, and I think the dress flatters you nicely! It's pretty :)

    It seems like everyone is sick that I know, including myself . . . it's awful. I hope it all goes away soon!

    dance a real

  2. Cute outfit Becca, I really like the scarf! :)
    Where do you go hiking? I'd like to start hiking this spring/summer, its fun!
    I hope you get better soon!

  3. Oh, Becca, I think that color really suits you! You look beautiful as always. :)

  4. Becca, you are so beautiful! I especially love your hair with the headband. That color is so pretty on you. :)

    a vapor in the wind


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