Sunday, March 8, 2015

eagle creek // hiking

yesterday i went hiking with my brothers and and bunch of people at Eagle creek, Oregon. The total hike was roughly anywhere from 13 to 16 miles. The two people who tracked it on their smartphones via GPS had conflicting mileage, but despite the total distance, it was rather fun. I've hiked this one before, but it's so beautiful that it is totally worth doing over and over. 
     in all honesty, I shouldn't have gone. I was sick all week, and felt pretty bad yesterday with a horrible headache. (the kind behind your eyes where if feels like someone is literally squeezing your brain in their hands.) but I knew my bros wanted to go, and I've been wanting to do that hike again for a while. I am glad I went, although I was extremely quiet and non talkative because of the headache. 

     I carried my camera the whole way, and proceeded to take only ten or twelve photographs. :) I think I'll just have to do the hike again when I feel good simply for photography sake. I think it would be cool to do a photoshoot with people (and pretty dresses?!) at some of these waterfalls. (Although it would probably be too difficult and strenuous to hike in with props and dresses...) 

     and ftr, I really want to stand under this ^ waterfall someday. (probably when it's warm, and I am wearing a swimsuit. :) It was gorgeous, and looked sooo fun.

     After hiking, (from 9:30 or so, until 4:00. That means we were walking roughly 26-30 minute miles... o.O.) we went to Red Robins for burgers. I felt terrible for our waiter... He had to take care of a group of 21 people entirely by himself. He did great though! We did a ton of visiting and didn't actually make it home until 9:30. I took a really long, very hot bath to relax my muscles, and read part of October Baby by Erik Wilson. I've read it several times but it's pretty cute. I should have gone to bed right away, but instead, I didn't go to bed until really late. But my family let me sleep in until 11:00, which was super nice of them, because i've missed sleeping in until noon on Saturdays for probably the past month. 

     the rest of today will be spent doing laundry, and avoiding getting dressed. (we'll see if mom protests. I am all for staying in pjs if you aren't going anywhere. I mean, they're SO comfy!!) I shall probably finish October Baby today, and then read some more of The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom. I may make cookies too. I feel like eating snickerdoodles or peanut butter cookies. I also need to do some studying on John 7 for the girls bible study tomorrow. I also plan to walk at least three miles on the treadmill. I think it would help my muscles unkink. I am actually anywhere near as sore as I thought I would be. Which makes me incredibly happy, because I am supposed to walk a half marathon with my incredible, beautiful bestie on the 28th. :)

     (Mom sat down in the living room, where I am working on this post on my latop, and three seconds ago, she told me to get dressed... haha)

Tunnel Falls on Eagle Creek Trail, Oregon   _________________________

In case you're wondering what is so great about this hike. ^ this is Tunnel Falls, where we turned around. It is somewhere around 6 miles into the hike, which is a 25+ mile loop. 

     do you like to hike? if so, do you prefer to hike hard, and feel accomplished according to miles and time, or do you prefer to mosey along and take in the sights and experiences? Personally I think I am in the middle of the two. I have a competitive streak, so I like to push myself and go as hard as my body will allow (usually not competing with others, just against myself and pervious timings or goals.), and then I get carried away with the beauty of the landscape and stop to enjoy it frequently. :)



  1. I always get into a groove when I'm hiking and end up going WAY faster than I intended. I still pause for pictures once in awhile but I'm very achievement-oriented ;)

  2. Becca, it sounds like you had quite the adventure! I'm so sorry you weren't feeling well and I hope you're on the mend now.

    And I totally agree that PJ's are the only acceptable attire when you have the day off. :)

    Thank you for sharing the photos! They really are beautiful.


    a vapor in the wind

  3. I'm so sorry you weren't feeling well Becca. Yes, I actually just started liking to hike, especially with fun people like everyone who was on the hike! I really enjoyed meeting you, I hope I'll get to see you again sometime soon, and get to know you better! Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures!

    1. It was wonderful to meet you as well, Sarah! I'm looking forward to {hopefully} hang out with you guys again in the future. :)

      Hiking has been a favorite "activity" for me for several years now, and I love getting to see beautiful new sights! (And hiking with fun friends makes it 110% more fun!! :)


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