Friday, November 14, 2014

lists // 2

missing the most currently:
+ my big brothers
+ Goldendale and the Columbia Gorge
+ piano and voice lessons every Wednesday with the best and most amazing music teacher in the world!
+ my horse
+ Mt. Adams 
+ small town life

looking forward to:
~ Thomas's arrival in exactly 20 days, (and Sarah's arrival just a few days later.)
~ Turning 18 in 20 days. :) it's a little frightening at the same time, though.
~ Christmas, and the holiday season in general
~CHRISTMAS MUSIC. actually, I've already been listening to it since last December... :) But now I can listen to it openly and my family can't complain.
~ Lydia being home in a few weeks.
~swing dancing tomorrow night in a 40's costume.
~ Hannah's visit (!!!!!!)

not excited about:
+  the cold weather that came unexpectedly, (at least by me,) this week.
+ dealing with allergies more since the dogs are in the house more because of the cold.
+ "do you hear what i hear" playing frequently on my Christmas Pandora Station. It's one of the few Christmas songs i cannot handle.

my days are filled with lately:
~ laundry
~ reading late into the nights
~ watching littles and helping with school
~ planning and making Christmas gifts
~ more laundry
~endlessly picking up the house. (how does the same stuff end up strewn all over the house twelve times a day?!)
~ pinterest. (there. honesty, like i've  been talking about a bit lately. ;)

words that have caught my fancy lately:
+ wanderlust
+ dusk 
+ capture
+ awe-struck
+ glorious
+ paris
+ stillness

link loves:
Eeyore . :)

 what's tickled your fancy lately? What do your lists look like?

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  1. Wow! Lydia looks just like your littlest brother in that picture!
    p.s. i'm sending a christmas package your way for you girls shortly, hope you like it;)


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