Saturday, November 22, 2014

It's a Girl Thing // Cozy and bright {and photograph personalities}

despite the multiple warnings yesterday afternoon that i wanted to take a picture of him and  that i would be posting whatever results i got wether they were attractive or not, these pictures are the result of twenty minuets of negotiating. I rather like them, as candid and "non-posed" as they are. They capture his personality, and that's the entire purpose of photography to me. 

 that's a homemade dirty chai. you should be insanely jealous. it was delish and only a fraction of the $5.50+ that i've payed various places for them. (in case you are uncultured and haven't lived properly, :) a dirty chai is imply a Chai Latte (and a Chai Latte is spices and strong black tea mixed with a sweetener and frothed milk,) with several shots of espresso added. Talk about caffeine. Only get them when 1. you are extremely tired, and 2. you plan on being awake for a very long time.)
it's raining. it's cold. and it's very gloomy. But I got a stack of books from the library a few days ago, and am able to drink gallons of tea without anyone asking any questions, so it's all good. and i'm a happy girl because I FOUND MY CAMERA BATTERY CHARGER!!!!! it was in the "hole" (front part thing that has the cup holder and is always insanely full of junk,) in the van. Heaven knows what it was doing there, but that's unimportant because the only thing that matters is that I found it! :)

My cozy outfit from yesterday:
Skirt: Gift
Denim Leggings: Walmart (12.99)
Brown tee: Goodwill (5.99)
Tied Cardigan: Goodwill (6.95)
Obnoxious but extremely warm Orange Socks: Gift


  1. I love that outfit! And your bangs! Did you cut them? :)

    I think you should share the recipe for the dirty chai...I'm sure plenty of your readers would love to have it, and I'd like to try it at least once!

    dance a real

    1. yes, i cut my bangs. They weren't supposed to end up this short, and mom can testify to the fact that i had a breakdown in the bathroom after cutting them because they lookied terriible, but we styled them and they ended up super cute. :)

      I shall try to find that recipe again and photograph the steps. ;) It was amazing.

      OKAY I SERIOUSLY MISS YOU... i was feeling particularly lonely and depressed this afternoon, and mom said that after this is all over and Lydia is home she's sending me to you for a while. ;) ;)

    2. Awwww...but I was supposed to come to you this time! :) It doesn't matter, whichever way you'd prefer. I think I need to head down there before too long though . . . I mean, YOU'RE the one who's been doing all the driving and stuff. I just need to find a date where I can come!

      Miss you too--TTYL! Maybe we can talk this week :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) Overload of smiley faces again. I'm weird. :-/

      dance a real

  2. Cute outfit Becca! I like the pattern and colors of your skirt. :)

    Nice seeing you at church this morning.
    Have a great Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks! It was lovely to see ya'll as well and get to visit for a while.
      Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!!!!!


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