Tuesday, April 22, 2014

r a m b l e s


i.     this morning was gray, dark and gloomy. i've been told that the forecast predicts more of the same for the next two weeks. i've also been told that we can expect much more of the same all the way until july.
ii.     i have a cold, (thanks to my annoyingly super low immune system.) basically if i get exposed to anything i will get sick.) so today i have been drowning myself in tea, water and kombucha. (it's nasty stuff, really.) in hopes that i shall feel a bit better presently. i am also consuming large amounts of honey and cinnamon,. because they both have amazing healing powers. (according to my mom.)
Back roads...

iii.     this morning i read 1 corinthians 13 again. can you imagine if the whole world loved like that. everything would change drastically- it makes me think of Heaven. lives would flip 
around completely; we wouldn't be consumed with hate  and bitterness. it would mean that people really care about each other. that perfect love is what I should strive for every. single. day.
iv. yesterday my mom walked to the neighbors to introduce herself. they weren't home, but Sunny, (our eight-year-old yellow lab) found her special toy that had been missing, in a pile of doggie toys. they have two yellow labs  that visit us constantly, so there are always a lot of dogs running around.
v.     soundtracks are amazing. lately i've been enjoying ones by Hans Zimmer, Rachel Portman, Harry Gregson-Williams and John Williams, (and various others.) They are perfect for days when you just want something soft and amazing on in the background.
vi. i apologize about the pinterest photos... i really feel lousy, and didn't want to go through my photographs to find some, or to bother running around to take some... :)


  1. Aw, I have a cold too. :P It s not fun.


  2. Congrats Becca Anne! You have been nominated for the Liebster award over at my blog. :)



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