Wednesday, April 16, 2014

North and South // Book Review

North and South
by Elizabeth Gaskell

North and South tells the story of Margaret Hale, a southerner newly settled in the northern industrial town of Milton, whose ready sympathy with the discontented millworkers sits uneasily with her growing attraction to the charismatic mill owner, John Thornton. The novel poses fundamental questions about the nature of social authority and obedience, ranging from religious crises of conscience to the ethics of naval mutiny and industrial action. Margaret's internal conflicts mirror the turbulence that she sees all around her. 

I was so excited to read this book; I've seen the BBC mini series several times, and it has become one of my all time favorite movies. (*cough cough* Richard Armitage may or may not have to do with that fact. :) The story is so beautiful and interesting, and I was curious to see if the movie followed the book at all.

     For the most part it kept my interest and made me extremely happy. I was already in love with the characters, but reading the book gave me even more insights into their thoughts and actions. I like Ms. Gaskell's writing style, although she does ramble a little bit occasionally. Other than that, the story was wonderful, the characters well developed, and while the ending wasn't at all like the movie, it was just as sweet, adorable and wonderful.
     Margarete is amazing. She has her faults, of course, (and Thornton seems to be able to find them! :) but she is so sweet, and eager to learn. She has such a big heart for everyone, and is gentle, and loyal. Thornton is... Thornton. He may just surpass Darcy in my affections, (again, Richard Armitage may have  a little something to do with this fact. :)
     This book will definitely be on my re-read list! (in fact, I'm planning to buy it to add to my collection as soon as possible.) I would recommend it to those who don't mind a little wordiness when it comes to a sweet, adorable love story. 

* * * * {four of five stars}


  1. Oh I love the BBC miniseries of North and South! I mean it's just the BEST! And yes I'm also a fan of Richard Armitage. Have you seen him the BBC series Robin Hood? Because I'm so a fan of that too....BBC has the best shows. Thanks for reviewing the book! I'm def going to look into reading it :)

  2. Nice review, I've never heard of this book before but will definitely look out for it now!

    x leah symonne x

  3. Thornton might just be my favorite period drama hero EVER. Especially when played by Richard Armitage!! ;)

    1. I know... I hesitate to say that I like him even more than Darcy, because I LOVE Darcy, but Thornton is simply amazing! (Richard helps a ton. haha.) Have you read the book?

  4. I loved this book, and the miniseries is amazing!
    Mr T is sooo much better than Mr Darcy.
    What does Mr Darcy actually do...?
    Nothing. He inherited his money, Mr T had to work for his!
    There are so many other reasons why Thornton is way cooler!


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