Sunday, March 16, 2014

s p r i n g

the grass widows are one of the things i love most about this place in the spring. they're tiny, each blossom barely the size of a quarter, but their purple petals are a brilliant purple that never fails to amaze me.

the one thing i am going to miss most this summer, besides friends and life in general, are the daffodils. my grandpa has planted hundreds of daffodils around our property and they are so gorgeous. 
if i get married in april/may someday, I shall carry a bouquet of daffodils, i think. (not that i'm actually planning my wedding or anything. ;)

 our move date got moved to the last weekend in march. it's nice not to have to rush packing quite so much; but it only prolongs the agony. luckily, i can come back the very next weekend for  a party a good friend is hosting. :) and luckily we have a little car now that gets pretty good gas mileage, so coming back won't cost a fortune.

jess kept me awake a lot last night, but she's so darn cute it's hard to be mad at her. :) she growls at sunny a lot, but sunny doesn't take her too seriously. :) jess even chased my shadow yesterday. we're sorta getting used to the schedule now. :) 



  1. Daffodils are indeed lovely. I love it every spring when they pop out of the ground and start blooming. Flowers are one of the best things about doing. It's been so rainy lately that I can hardly wait for spring to arrive.


  2. Oops, just re-read my comment. I meant spring not doing LOL.


  3. I love daffodils :) I always wanted to have lilac flowers in my hair for my wedding, but that would mean I'd have to get married in June. Not sure how that'll work out :)


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