Friday, February 7, 2014

s n o w

i. it finally snowed two days ago, for the first time this winter.  snowflakes are always pretty, but the 9* weather outside deterred me, and I opted to shoot a few pictures through the backdoor window.  :)  all my little siblings have been terribly excited and running in and out bundled in uncountable layers.

ii. my little sister, Mary, was out last night "skiing" on a little hill behind our house and fell, and we aren't sure yet whether she broke her ankle or just pulled/tore some ligaments, nevertheless she is in a lot of pain right now. unfortunately that means no more snow play for her, and most likely several weeks or more on the couch. 

iii. the freezing temperatures mean hauling water by hand from the bathtub to all the animal pens, because faucets and hoses are all frozen solid, (and buried beneath five inches of snow.) it also means that Duck and Tuck, (our female duck and the Bantam rooster who can't be in the same pen as the rest of the chickens,) aren't able to free-range, and are stuck in their little room. i think they would rather stay in though, and not freeze their feet. they are absolutely adorable, waddling and toddling after each other everywhere they go. Duck is white, Tuck is black, and they get along marvelously! 

iv.. i awoke to blue skies and bright sunshine this morning, (a wonderful thing to awaken to,) but that only lasted a few minutes, and the sky is back to overcast and dismal 

v. i like sunshine and warmness. also rain. but cold and I don't really get along very well, unless I am all cuddled up on my bed with twelve blankets and a large mug of tea, reading. if that's on the agenda, bring the cold on!!! :)


  1. We got our first actual snow this winter last night. We got about 2-2 1/2 inches. Sorry to hear about you little sister. I hope she gets better soon and doesn't have a broken ankle. Enjoy the snow!


  2. How much snow do you have up at your house? I think we're up to 10 inches over here . . . I thought I would be enjoying it more since I typically love seeing the pristine snow outside, but I'm not :P I kind of just wish it would go away. And I feel sad that I feel that way.

    Aw, I hope Mary gets better soon :( That must be hard--but I guess the weather is okay for it . . . if she didn't want to go out and play in the snow, that is :) Hopefully she doesn't have a broken ankle!

    Duck and Tuck sound so cute! I can't remember if I've seen them before. I love things that waddle.

    I agree--it would be so fun to sit in bed with tons of blankets and read! :)

    1. I think we have eight inches, maybe? I haven't gone out and checked. :) I'm not enjoying it much either, I'd rather have rain, to get the moisture we need. :)

      I started reading North and South last night, by Elisabeth Glaskall, and am absolutely in love already. I really like Ms. Glaskell's writings. I will probably spend most of this afternoon reading. :)


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