Wednesday, February 12, 2014

it's cold// but snowmen are cute

this winter has been the strangest i can ever remember. christmas felt like spring, and we were having 50*+ temperatures most of december and january. i've never been a fan of cold. in fact, when the temperatures drop below fifty degrees i avoid going out the door at all costs. (except maybe to get more wood for the fire, or get in the car. :) really the only thing i enjoy doing in the snow is skiing. but back to this winter. farmers are starting to get worried about their crops, because there just isn't enough moisture. i mean, we only get thirteen {at the most} inches of moisture each year, and not getting snow in the winter is not a good thing.  when it snowed last week, i knew i couldn't really complain {much}, because we need it. but that did not mean that i intended to enjoy it at all.  i'm a {sort-of} photographer, and several friends over the last week have asked very excitedly, "have you gone out and taken pictures of the beautiful snow?!" to which i replied, "it's super cold out there, and wet and i am staying inside reading/writing." but today i decided that i should go out before it melts, so i made a tiny, and rediculously adorable snowman, and walked around for fifteen minutes taking snowy pictures. now i can at least say that I did in fact take pictures of the white cold stuff on the ground. :)

he stands about a foot and a quater tall. :)

 i made my dog sit next to the little snowman, as a size comparison... she wasn't happy about sitting in the snow, and she was squinting, (we both were) because of the brightness. But the photos look like she was insanely bored. she is also really fat right now, (we found out she's been sneaking into the chicken house and eating their food. naughty naughty. :) and does anyone know how to take proper snow pictures?! tips would be greatly appreciated!!

 are you enjoying the snow? :)


  1. I love the pictures of the wet pine needles! And your snowman was ridiculously cute. :) Our snow is all gone *sniffs*.


    1. i just got back from running my little siblings down to town for choir practice, and my snowman fell over... the snow is melting really fast today. :) I have a feeling that by tomorrow we will only have a few patches here and there. (and very wet muddy places everywhere else.)

  2. The mud is the worst part of it. I wish the snow had lasted a little longer but, alas, it was not to be. Hopefully we will get some next week (I think we have some in the forecast).


  3. Your snowman is adorable :) And I had no idea dogs would eat chicken food!


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