Sunday, August 4, 2013


 i. lamp light. :)
ii. my auntie bought me flowers about a week and a half ago. and they're cheery.
iii. the family that nobody wanted.guys, i've read this book so many times. because it's just so darn cute. :)
iiii. the odd collection of things that have ended up on "my nightstand." :) cd's, soap, earrings and assorted jewelery, mousse, home phones, etc. :)
iiiii. the flowers again, because they're just pretty. :)

this is a strange mix of photos, and really, they're more of snapshots. i was extremely tired and bored the other night, and decided to get my camera out and play with it a bit. because the lighting was pretty awful and i was having trouble coming up with interesting low-light subjects, i opted for black and white shots. so there's not really any special story behind any of these, or as the group as a whole.

i'm planning to return home this next week, (if all goes according to the plans, that is. :) and it should be interesting. i've never been away from home for any extended time before, (basically the only time before was weekend trips, and i did spend a week down here once before, several years ago.) so it's gonna be really hard and interesting to settle back into the 'normal' routine. i'm not sure how i'm gonna adjust back. i mean, it's just strange, and weird. and i'm probably not making any sense... anyway.

how has your summer been? and i'm serious, i want to know. :) what's been the highlight? or your most memorable moment this summer?


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  1. I definitely know that difficult-adjustment feeling. But it'll be good to have you back :)


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