Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Caleb :a documentation

This is Caleb. He's four; cute as a button; smart; funny; and just downright adorable. This is a documentation of who he really is, summed up in nine little pictures. His personality is so fun, and he is quite entertaining! :) The only way I got a real natural smile out of him was to ask him to tell me a joke, and then take pictures as he announced the punchline. He is always busy, a social butterfly, if that's the right words to describe him. He can't last for more than a few seconds in silence.         
        Sometimes, when he is in trouble, we send him to another room to be by himself for a little while, and he can't handle it. Within a few minuets, he's yelling for mom, announcing that "he's happy and better now!" (whereas, the six-year-old will sit in another room for an hour without making a peep, :) Caleb is energetic; he can't hold still, he avoids vegetables, and only hurries while eating dinner if there is dessert. 
        Last night we went down to the river for a impromptu picnic and swim. I decided to take a walk, to just have some peace and quiet and perhaps take some pictures. I ended up with my four-year-old and six-year-old brothers, and we had a blast. They wanted to take pictures of each other, and  these are what Luke (6)  captured of Caleb. (except the last one.) I held the camera for him, and he looked through the viewfinder, and pushed the shutter. I think he captured Caleb quite well! :)

I have the cutest siblings!! :) (Luke and Caleb.)



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    1. aren't they?! I need to finish the portrait project I have been working on all of this year. I've been doing a photo-shoot with each of my siblings, and I think I have three or four left... :)

  2. super super cute. little siblings are the best, especially when they'll pose in front of a camera for ya, no? ;)


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