Monday, August 26, 2013

103 in 2013 // crossed off

It's been a while since I did a 103 in 203 post, and I thought it would be fun to cross some more things off my list, since, let's face it, I absolutely adore crossing things off lists. Like, it makes me insanely happy. :) just for the record.

28: Journal more frequently.
      i have slacked off over the last few months, mostly because i was so busy while in CA, that by the time that i was done working and ready to relax, i did't really want to think anymore, just read or watch a movie, or eat ice cream. you know. :) 

This picture as absolutely nothing to do with the post. Just posts are no fun without pictures, so here ya go. On a side note, geese are weird. :)

36: Buy a pair of heels.
      check. This one was fun. :) what girl doesn't like heels, right? so i found a simple pair of black heels, 3", and fell in love. the end. :) they'll probably end up on here sometime or another.
This picture also has nothing to do with the post. But I love this city, take me back someday, maybe?

43: Take my brother to Starbucks.
      i was on a road trip back from somewhere with my brother and his girl-friend, and was craving coffee. and i happened to have a gift-card so it was free!!! win-win. :)

49: Go to the Beach
       so, i love the sea, and sometimes i get this strange craving for salt water that just won't go away until i have breathed in that salty-sweet scent of the ocean. i got to go to the beach twice in the last two months, and it was lovely.

53: Go swimming somewhere and not be grossed out with the water.
      my aunt and uncles pool. i really like private pools, 'cause you can see that there are no fish and snakes, and it's not insanely gross like public pools. :)

65: Do a book review on my blog.
      i have done three so far, and am enjoying it emensily. i do believe i will continue. 
      Wuthering Heights
      Interrupted: life beyond words

97: Babysit for someone other than my mom.
      i spent this summer down in CA helping my aunt and uncle out, and definitely did a lot of babysitting. :)

so there, some things crossed off my list, and that makes me happy. :)
what is something that you crossed off your list this summer?

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  1. Wow! Fifteen things crossed off! That's great :)

    Just so you know, I dislike you to an exceeding degree that you bought those three-inch heels :P Where on earth did you find some that were three inches!?! It seems like most heels are above that these days, and I wouldn't want to wear anything much taller. . . .


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