Friday, May 3, 2013

So, I have kidds.

 (Sunny doesn't have anything to do with this post, but I think she's darling, yes? :)

 *swoon from an overload of cuteness* :)

I've decided that the next time somebody approaches me in a store while I am watching a few of my siblings and asks how many kids of I have, I'll answer with however many baby goat kidds I have. Just to see their jaws drop when I sweetly answer, "Four!" :)

I'm a goat person. as in, I love goats almost as much as I love dogs and horses. Which is a lot. :) I know a lot of people who absolutely detest goats, and when I hear somebody mention that I always think, "that's because they haven't met mine." But I know, if the truth were to be told, that mine are pretty bratty, and stubborn, and I may or may not have cried a few times last year while trying to milk them. But despite their flaws, (i.e. stubbornness, and ability to throw their weight around pretty well!) they act a lot like dogs. Goats are very intelligent, and so much fun. They have so much personality it's kinda crazy. I haven't even mentioned how adorable they are yet, have I. Wait 'till I get going. Where was I? (kudos to you if you get that reference. Let me know!  Is anybody else terribly excited when they understand someones references to movies. I usually have no clue what people are talking about. :) 

     Anyway... :) one of my mama's kidded three days ago, and now has a lovely pair of kidds. Her little boy is the light brown one, (with funny ridiculous ears,) and the kiddos named him Bambi. The little girl is dark brown, with sweet long ears, and guess what her name is? Faline. (From the movie.) They are terribly cute, and I am in love.



  1. The Princess Bride quote! And I can't spell that guy's name, but the short Sicilian is who says it.

    They are cute!

  2. Aw! So cute, Becca Anne. :)

  3. "Australia."
    "Yes, Australia! And everyone knows that Australia is entirely peopled with criminals...."
    Princess Bride quotes are the best :)


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