Monday, April 29, 2013

ramblings of spring and cute little brothers

 Our crab apple tree's blossoms finally popped open today, making our back yard look lovely. :) I went out this morning, braving the cold and wind, to capture some shots, and then rushed back in to drink tea. Because I am a wimp when it comes to cold, darlings! :)
 This was the view from a viewpoint above Mosier OR, peeps. Which also happens to be my birth town. ;)

 My drive instructor kindly offered to take a photo of me really quick, and it actually turned out pretty. :) I don't like most photos of me. (Can anybody relate?!)
  James is now walking, and exploring the world outside. Man, I wish kids could stay little forever.
 The field outside a church where we attended a wedding two weekends ago. It was so stunning!


  <3 one word. cuteness.

^ we have the weirdest indoor plant that blooms red heart shaped blooms. I think it's a really fun plant, and adds a bit of color. :) Even the leaves are heart shaped. 

So, I want to know something. Is anyone else shocked that tomorrow is the last day of April. The month of spring, of rain and of lemon cakes. The month with the cute pretty name, (One I'll probably use as a name for one of my characters someday.) the month that announces very loudly, "SPRING IS HERE, PEEPS!!"

    Yah, my mind is blown. It was a lovely month, not super busy, but busy enough to keep me from being bored! :) I completed drivers ed, which means that that part of my life is officially over. And I am very thankful. Lets all take a moment to be thankful it's over, and remember what we went through (@hannahelise :). Okay, thanks. I am so glad not to be stressing about tests and drives, and passing and failing. Let me tell you, that's one thing I am really grateful about with homeschooling. You don't have to absolutely freak out about tests. ;) But anyhow, I didn't get an amazing score on my final drive (87%), but I passed, and I am quite happy. And now I can work on getting the rest of the hours I need, and get my license sometime this fall. That will be the day I do happy dances around everywhere I go, and alternate between laughing and screaming. And I will bake a cake to celebrate.

     I  even got a little sunburn last Thursday. :) Time to start tanning a little, and stop looking like a pale ghost!!  I am a huge fan of sunshine. It's happy, and bright and yellow. And I love it. And do you know what is liquid sunshine? Lemon, people, lemon. :) (Guess who just might make lemon pudding later this afternoon.)

     So I'm curious, what is ya'lls favorite thing about spring? A flavor, (like lemon!) or activity, or memory or something... Because I like being nosey and finding new things out about people. :)

Have a lovely spring day, lovelie, and eat some chocolate, 'kay?


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  1. Hahaha...remembering what we went through :) You did awesome on your test! I like the pictures you took from Rowena :)


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