Wednesday, April 17, 2013

103 in 2013 -- another few things crossed off the list

I haven't done a 103 in 2013 post in a while, and have finally decided to sit down and cross everything I've done off the list. :)

3. Find the big dipper entirely on my own. I found it several months ago, actually, on the way home at night from Yakima. :) I was extremely proud of myself.

^ The big dipper and a falling star. win-win. :)

27. Sew a pretty dress for myself. I made a dress for a wedding we attended this last weekend, and it turned out so cute. Photos (hopefully) coming soon.

31. read Sense and Sensibility. I love this book, I love the movie, and I just love Jane Austen. Anybody agree with me? :) Her characters are so much fun and so interesting and they fascinate me. And Elinor is so amazing, and I can totally relate with her and Maryanne. And now I'll stop fangirling.

76. Learn to do some hairstyles on myself. I haven't perfected many yet, but I have learned some, and gotten over my fear of doing hairstyles to myself. I'm not afraid to try at least now.

94. Go through my closet and get rid of everything I won't ever wear.  My mom actually did this for me a couple months ago. We got rid of 15+ things. o-O 

103. See a shooting star. Such a simple thing, yet it made me so happy. Stars always make me happy. =) 

     So what are you looking forward to this weekend, now that the week is already half over. :) I am not looking forward to my drive test this weekend, but it will be lovely to have my drivers ed class completely done.
How's your spring been?


  1. Your goals were so much more worthwhile than mine....

    You know, it's really funny. I had this super weird dream last night that you and I saw a shooting star together and I was like, "Hey, we can cross it off our lists now!" even though it wasn't actually on *my* list. That was a rather random dream.

    I can't wait to see pictures of your dress!

  2. Oh, hooray for crossing things off lists, Becca - that's the best part! :)

    I need to go through my closet to pull out things for the re-sale shop also. Someday - right now time is occupied with weeding out my books. :)

    Will look for those pictures.

    Let's see... weekend plans: I'll probably just be home, watching some TV shows and hanging out with family while trying to get through some of the books I have to read.

    Have a nice weekend!


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