Tuesday, May 7, 2013

my life of late // flowers, ducks and cute little kids

Caleb and I always have the same conversation when I try to take a photo of him. it goes something like:
me: "Hey, can you hold still so I can take a picture of you really quick?"
Caleb. "Yah." (and he strikes the craziest pose and puts on a huge fake grin with his eyes closed.)
Me: "Uhh, can you open your eyes and smile for real?!"
Caleb."I am smiling."
Me. "Okay, just hold still for a second." And he'll hold still for about one third of a second before he is already running off to something else, leaving me with several photos of him with eyes closed and a chicken run smile.
But today, he managed to hold still and smile kinda real for a little bit, and I took advantage of his holding still. :)

I'm a really huge fan of clouds. And trees. I find them both so intriguing. 

Mom has a bunch of tomato plants growing in my room right now, because I apparently have the best window and sunlight in the house. :)
Mom bought me this wall hanging a couple days ago, knowing how much I love owls. :) I need to hang it up now, but I just can't decide where.
Flowers are why I love spring, peeps. The end. :)

Cutey-pie, yes?!

I know this photo is pointless. But this is my favorite color of grass. That sounds hillbilly doesn't it? This grass grows out in our woods, and only in the spring, and its soooo pretty, isn't it? Or is it just me... :)

Water leaking from the hose. (the silver thing is a golf club. Because my family has golf-clubs seriously everywhere!)
This is Junior, our newest duck. My mom has never liked ducks much, but somehow a couple years ago, we agreed to babysit a duck, (not pictured. Her name is quack-quack.) while the owner found a new home for her. Long story short, she is now our duck, and we all really like her. So dad brought a little duck home a month ago, and it grew up into Junior. Lemme tell you, guys, baby ducks are the cutest. And I googled them for you. Click here to die of an overload of cuteness. You're welcome.

So. it's May 7th. and in two days I get to go visit one of my very favoritest people on the planet. Who i haven't seen in over two years. (YIKES!!). It's gonna be amazingly crazy and fun, people.

 Okay, so I'm gonna  be extremely cliche and apologize for not posting lately. I know it gets irritating when people apologize all the time, (like we tend to do when first starting to blog. ouch., :) but sometimes I feel really guilty for not posting, but I can't because there's nothing there to post about, ya know? Soo, yah, I'm sorry. Okay, I'm good!!!.

     Any advice from fellow bloggers on how to find inspiration, when you've run out every drop you had? :)



  1. Oh, I'm sorry you've run out of inspiration ... that's the pits! It's also so hard *not* to apologize when you feel like you have to....

    Have fun at Sierra's!

  2. Hello again, peep. I am requesting that you post about your top ten favorite books EVER :) and they can be from any genre. :) Thanks!


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