Thursday, May 23, 2013

summer came for a few days but left again

i recently discovered that black coffee is even better with just a tiny bit of heavy whipping cream. oh my goodness, i could drink that all day long and be perfectly happy. ;)

i spent the last Friday/Saturday with Hannah, and she made the most delicious breadsticks. That turned out more like individual loaves of bread. ;) aren't they gorgeous?!! we snuck down sometime after midnight to get more brownies and these. and i didn't even feel guilty. haha

          i. we thought spring was here to stay, but it's back to rain and chilly, but that makes me really happy, because we never have enough rain around here, (we only get 8 to 12 in. of rain per year, peeps. ) and this rain means that the hills won't turn brown for another couple weeks.
          ii. i recently discovered (like three months ago.) that journaling is one of my favoritest things ever. i had never realized how amazing it is to get your thoughts down on paper, to just vent. i have grown to love the peaceful feeling one gets after writing out their heart on a page of paper. 
          iii. my last piano lesson ever was yesterday. i've taken lessons for nine years from the same teacher, and she's become like an aunt to me almost. it was terribly hard to know this was my last lesson. But we mostly just talked and picked out a bunch of music that she was giving me. ;)
          iiii. i am singing a duet in two weeks with this girl, and am terribly excited. we practiced for the first time yesterday, (:p) and it went really well. we're gonna do fine. but i am going to die of stagefright. just sayin'. you have been warned, hannah. :)

          what are you looking forward to most this summer? 


  1. I *love* the pictures of the breadsticks! They look so yummy. I'll have to make them again sometime. . . . Only you will have to do all the bread-wrapping-on-your-finger thing, since I was horrid at it ;)

    I can't wait to sing the duet with you!

    And I need to get better at journaling again. . . .

  2. What a fun "update" post, Becca.

    Sounds as if you and Hannah have had/will have some memorable times. Enjoy! :)


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