Sunday, November 22, 2015

it's a girl thing // pink wool and polka dots

This weekend I introduced my little sisters to the wonderful world of period drama's for the first time, and of course we watched the entire a&e Pride and Prejudice all at once, because we are girls and it seemed like a good idea. They were quite ecstatic to be able to stay up until the wee hour of 2am for the very first time ever, but in reality, it wasn't a very smart idea, because we were all tired Saturday, and slept in too late, which meant we were rushing to get things done and have everybody dressed and primped and headed out the door by 12:15 sharp for a friends wedding. (Why, oh why does my family only have one curling iron? I think I shall be remedying this problem later this week, because it was rather ridiculous. One cannot properly curl their hair in a hurried manner. It ends up looking like some sort of frizzy disaster that will probably give nightmares to small children.). And we ended up leaving fully 15 minutes later than planned, and then getting lost for another 20 minutes, which meant we arrived at the wedding late. But despite all of our technical difficulties, it was a delightful wedding and they make the cutest couple and are incredibly sweet together. The decorations and flowers were so beautiful. She kept everything simple, yet absolutely gorgeous. And the church they chose was stunning. 

le tenue:
 wool skirt: goodwill {7.99}
Cardigan: Target {18.99}
Polka dot Tee: Khols {17.99)
Black Pumps: Payless {20.00}
Headband: Fred Myer {5.99}
 How was your weeknd? And since it seems I am in the market for one, what curling iron do you recommend? :)


  1. I love this outfit! It's beautiful!

  2. Ugh! I know. Curling hair fast (or when it's partly wet still) is awful but what I usually end up doing if I want to curl it for going out in public. I always seem to be rushed somewhere.

    I love mine--the Conair YouCurl 1/2-1 inch curling wand. You have to be careful of your fingers but it's not as easy to burn them as you'd think :) It does retail for around $30 though.

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