Friday, November 13, 2015

today requires caramel corn // my life lately

Sounds perfect to me.:

     + Lately, I've been trying to focus on living my life and enjoying the little beautiful details,  rather than stressing about recording every little detail. I haven't blogging, taken photographs, or even journaled for weeks. It's been nice to take a break from writing.
      + I just spent a couple weeks in Cali, doing some nannying for my Aunt, and I spent a lot of time playing with her kids, and reading countless stories. I love that reading is their favorite activity. One evening my Aunt and I decided to play mini-golfing. And I realized that I'll never, ever, ever be a golfer. On one hole I think I hit the ball 15+ times, and then finally just decided to stop trying because there were some people waiting, (and probably giggling at my attempts.) We definitely have a lot of fun, and I think it's the perfect activity to just have fun. It is not to be taken seriously in the least bit. Lets just say that my score was much worse than regular golf scores. ;)
      + While I was down there, all the trees at home turned beautiful shades of yellow, red and orange. That was the best part of flying home; swooping in over Portland and catching glimpses of hundreds and hundreds of brilliant-hued treetops as I tried to focus on continuing to breath properly. Flying isn't exactly my cup of tea.
     + I got to spend last night with one of my best friend and my  not-so-little brother, drinking coffee, talking and attending a church function. It was a very wonderful evening. ;)
     + This weekend I am watching five of my siblings while my parents are spending four days at the beach. And I've decided to attempt to make caramel corn this afternoon, as the littles are all currently snuggled up watching a movie, and it's drizzling outside and miserably cold. I am hoping I don't catch the popcorn on fire. haha
     + I decided to start listening to Christmas music earlier this week, and it's making me incandescently happy.

So what's been going on in your life during the past few weeks? :)

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