Saturday, December 20, 2014

ramblings // catching up on life

West Bay, Grand Cayman.
i.      hi. remember me? i'm the girl who sort of writes this blog... yah. all my good intentions for blogging get thrown out the window and i find myself realizing with regret how long it has been since i sat down at my little computer and updated my little space on the interent. it's been almost a month. but it has been a rather busy month, and i shant apologize because, well, life happens. i'm here now. :)

ii.     Lydia is doing stupendious. She is shooting up like a weed and shall soon be taller than me and I'll probably end up being the short one of the family... She's well over six pounds, I believe, and is eating like a little horse, and we're all still fighting it out over holding her and feeding bottles. Mom has volunteered to wake up whoever wishes to hold her when she has her two hour awake time in the middle of the night but so far nobody has been that desperate. :) 

iii.     my brother and his amazing wife have been staying with us for the past almost two weeks. It's been super fun, and i've really enjoyed getting to know my sister-in-law better. (although it's still weird to realize that i have a sister-in-law.) they moved into their apartment today, and I am officially sad, but they'll only be an hour (depending on that darn inconvenience entitled "traffic.") away, and i have been invited and intend to visit. ;) 
iv.     i got a second set of piercings this week. I plan to wear sparkly studs with all my earrings because it's fun, and cute, and who doesn't like extra bling. :) I've been thinking about it for quite awhile. (more like trying to convince my mother that it will be pretty and a good idea. ;) and it made me incredibly happy to finally do it

v.     Andrew arrived last night. i'm looking forward to visiting this week. we don't have anything really planned, but i think it will be great just to get all caught up.

vi.     i made myself a wonderful hot chocolate this evening, after spending the whole night with my aunt and Uncle and grandparents looking at Christmas lights in Portland. It was pouring down rain and i got rather drenched, and had to wash my hair again because it was a sticky mess, but hanging out with family is always fun. :) 

vii.     CHRISTMAS IS IN ONLY FOUR/FIVE DAYS!!?!!?!!? That fact is a little mystifying. 

so tell me whats new in your life since i accidentally went away for a while. Lots of laundry and cooking? anything interesting or weird? What books have you been reading, music you've been loving... places you visited or really really really want to visit. :) how's life? 


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  1. Awesome! I'm glad you've been able to spend more time with peeps and got your seconds done and everything. I can't wait to go up there and see Lydia and everybody!

    I just started reading the last book in Veronica Roth's Divergent collection, called Four. It's OK so far. Hopefully it'll turn out all right :) It's just a bunch of short stories, not really a real long book.

    For music I've been listening to Josh Groban a lot...his voice still gives me chills sometimes :)

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