Sunday, June 7, 2015

Dog Mountain // Hiking

I was able to go hiking over the weekend with an awesome bunch of friends. We tackled Dog Mountain, and it was just as lovely and stunning from the top as the first time I hiked it. (My sincerest apologies to everyone who had to wait for us at the top for awhile, though!!) I was missing my bestie the whole time, because last time we hiked it together, and I like hiking with her. :) (She was at her older brother's wedding, though, so she had a valid excuse!)

i love this river so much!

The flowers on the hillsides were gorgeous, although a little past their prime. The first time I hiked it, the girls and I dubbed the flower-covered hills the "As You Wish Hills." Personally, I can totally see myself toppling down them quite by accident. ;) I texted my sister-in-law a photo of the view from the top, because she was working all day. My view was totally better! :)
 I just thought these ^ flowers were darling. :) They remind me of pom-poms...

We were even able to stop off at Multnomah Falls on the way home for a wee bit. It was lovely as always, and incredibly busy! We snapped a few selfies, and decided not to hike up to the bridge because of how many people were already on it. :)  

Hiking is so satisfying. I love pushing myself, accomplishing something, and then getting to the top and being able to soak in a perfect view. It totally makes up for the aching calf muscles, dust and sweat. :)

how was your weekend?


  1. How beautiful! I love to hike, but I have never been hiking in such a beautiful place.
    PS. Do you ever have people do guest post for your blog? I would love to do a guest post on your blog! You can email me at the email address on my blog!

    1. There are a ton of hikes along this river, and each one is soo pretty!! :) I just shot you an email. :)


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