Monday, April 13, 2015

pop-tarts // completing my childhood

Last week I approached my Mom with what I deemed a big problem. I was reading a book and the main character started talking about having delicious pop-tarts for breakfast, and I realized that I had never had a pop-tart, let alone for breakfast. It seemed like everyone else had eaten pop-tarts and loved them, and I felt that part of my childhood had never been completed. Actually, I didn't even know what a pop-tart was. (Mom is kind of a major health-nut, so they were taboo in our home.) She explained pop-tarts to me, "They're awful, sickening and you'll hate them." She assured me. I didn't believe her. I think her "pop-tart are terrible" reasoning is the same as her "kale is delicious" reasoning. 

But mom surprised me over the weekend and bought me pop-tarts, (I think it must have been very difficult for her to place them in the cart. Nevertheless, Mom is awesome! :) and this morning I officially completed my childhood. And may I just say that pop-tarts are kind of amazing. Not like "all my dreams came true," amazing, but they were pretty good especially when combined with a cup, okay... three cups of coffee. :) Now I can move on and become a responsible adult. (haha)


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  1. Hahahaha. I love pop tarts :) Glad you were able to have some -- finally!

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