Tuesday, April 28, 2015

creation// why I decided not to "speed read"


As a homeschooled, christian girl who has grown up exposed to the Bible, taught at church and at home, listened to countless sermons and various teachings, I was tempted to "speed read" through the creation account while beginning a "read the bible through in 90 days" challenge. I'm so familiar with the account. I believe in God. I believe He created the universe, and I believe in a literal six day, 24 hour days, creation... check, check, check. I know all this! So I started bombing my way though Genesis 1. But I didn't get very far before I had to stop and think.

     "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." Genesis 1:1. (I told you I didn't get very far. ;)

That one verse has to be {one of} the most openly debated, heated and important arguments in the entire world right now. {However, I could be forgetting a really important theology "argument" that is more important, but I honestly cannot think of anything right now. Don't hesitate to correct me if you think of something!}, 

I admit, the idea, or concept, of God creating the entire Universe and all it contains is unimaginable and confusing. The more I think about it, the more overwhelmed I become. It HAD to be awesome! God spoke-that's it!- and everything was created. There was nothing, a void, a darkness, and the Spirit of God was moving and suddenly with his breath there was light!(!!!!!!!!) When I say unimaginable, I mean that my brain literally hurts when I try to imagine what creation must have been like. I cannot wait to talk to God about it in Heaven someday.

The idea of Evolution amazes me. I don't understand the logic. There is nothing...nothing...nothing... and then suddenly-BAM- a cell explodes into existence (from absolutely nothing, remember) just suddenly appears, and that is the beginning, no purpose for that life cell, no plan. It's just there, existing and from it everything evolves.

The evolutionary view is so hopeless. I cannot even imagine living like that, with no purpose. "Knowing" I existed only because of a random chance millions of years ago.

Back to Genesis 1:1. I totally understand why Creation vs. Evolution are so openly debated. If those ten words are wrong, and I am 100% certain they're not wrong, then all 1012 pages of my Bible are wrong. If God didn't create the world and all it contains then there would be no need to serve him. Why follow the commands of a God who has no power? There would be no need for Salvation. Morality and justice would be useless. Right and wrong wouldn't matter because life would only be the here and now. The past and the future wouldn't matter because everything and everyone ties back to an accident millions of years ago.

Instead, Creation is filled with hope. God created us for his Glory. We were given free-will, and we rejected him, but through his Grace he offered a redemption though Salvation and the death of his Begotten Son. God created the universe for a purpose, with a precise, detailed plan. there was no "accidental creation exploding" involved. Everything happened/is happening according to God's Will.

So, this is all stuff that I've known before. But sometimes I need it shoved in front of my face, and to be reminded that this is what God has done, why he has done it, and what he is capable it. So, no skimming over Genesis 1-2 today. I'm going to soak in every detail about God's power and glory!!


  1. I both loved and appreciated your post! Thanks for posting it. ;)

  2. I love this post, Bex! What a great reminder. I love how you said that if the first ten words of the Bible were untrue, the rest was too! What a great point :)

    I find it funny that evolutionary scientists believe that cells arose from nothing in the beginning (as you stated) yet one of the concrete rules of biology is “All cells arise from preexisting cells.”

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    1. Glad you liked it, m'dear! I know, I will NEVER understand the "logic" behind evolution. Isn't it interesting that brilliant, super smart people totally believe in it. I know it's because they refuse to believe in a God because if He exists then they have to submit to him, but it seems like they should see the obvious faults and sheer ridiculousness of it, and see the overwhelming evidence of God.
      Anyway, thanks for commenting, Hannah! :)

  3. Thank you so much for this, Becca! I fall into the same kind of speed-reading when I'm reading the Bible. Right now I'm finishing up 2 Chronicles and that is a hard one to not just skim through all of the names I can't pronounce and move on.

    I don't understand the logic behind evolution either, but I think it's fair proof that the wicked hearts of men will go to great lengths to shun God as much as possible. The hearts of men don't love God without the saving grace of Jesus and when they don't love God, they will stubbornly deny His existence and reign, even if the proof of Him is staring them in the face.

    Dani from A Vapor in the Wind

    1. That's a wonderful way of putting it, Dani! Thanks for sharing!!

      Oh, I know. Those lists of names are so hard to get through sometimes. (I know they're so strange only because they've been translated from Hebrew into English, but seriously, some of them are WEIRD!! :)


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