Sunday, July 6, 2014


1.      i hadn't intended to take an almost 2 week break from blogging. in fact, i planned to get several posts up, but stuff happened, and i got busy and it never happened. it seems like the neverending excuse, but there it is anyway.
2.     I spent three days last weekend with my best-friend, Hannah, back home in Goldendale. It was restful, beautiful, and simply amazing. We were able to just sit back and relax, talk and be absolutely weird and silly. It was wonderful; Especially considering that I got home around dinner time on Sunday, barely had time to pack and then was up at 3:30 Monday morning and out the door for a week-long, super busy trip to CA. 
3.     We attended a homeschool conference in Sacramento this last week, and were able to visit family and see friends. I got to spend one night with my sister-in-laws sisters, and we had a lovely time. :) I had a little too much caffeine that night, but it didn't affect my sleep at ALL. Hannah K. and I tried to watch Sense and Sensibility but we were both too exhausted and she fell asleep and all I wanted was to climb into bed, so we didn't finish it. I plan to in the near future though. 
4.     it's summertime, and it's starting to get super busy. It's good though, because sitting at home doing nothing isn't the most wonderful thing in the world. :) I set some HUGE goals for myself today for the summer, (school goals.  Yes, I am planning to do a ton of school over the summer. I already know I'm weird. :) and it's good, it'll push me to my limit, and help me feel super productive. ;)

                             how's your summer been so far? what kind of wonderful plans do you have for the next month or two?

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  1. I love hearing about what you're doing! You must have been so exhaustified all of Sunday AND Monday though--not only had you gotten four hours of sleep Saturday night, you also had to drive home, pack, then probably get only six hours of sleep Sunday night, and then watch your little brothers and sisters all of Monday! You are amazing.

    I dislike being at home with nothing to do, too. I'm so nostalgic, and if I start to think too much about the past school year I want to cry. What can I say--I'm weird :)

    And YAY! We can be weird and do school during the summer TOGETHER!


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