Monday, June 10, 2013

Twisted Braided Updo

 I started doing buns on my sisters and I last week. I decided that there was no use in dying of heat this summer, and that it was time that I got over my fear of doing hair and figure out how to get the hair off our necks. And guys, I fell in love with buns! Gah, they're so easy and so simple and so beautiful. And so I decided to start a series sharing my favorite creations :) 

The Twisted Braid Bun

1. Start with hair brushed, and a small section of hair separated, (Side swoopy bangs, or the hair where those would be.). Then take the hair at the front corner of your head, ^ Pictured here, and begin twisting it tightly.

2. Secure in place with bobby pins when the twist is in the middle of the back of your head, adding a few bobby pins into the twisted part to keep it from unraveling.  

3. Do the same to the second side, meeting in the middle. ^ Securing with bobby pins as well.

4. Take the long ends of the twist, and twist them tightly, (not together yet,) and then twist them together a few times.

5. Secure with a hair tie.
6. Separate left over ponytail into three sections for a regular braid.
7. Secure braid with another hair tie.
8. Twist braid into a simple bun, and secure with bobby pins. 
It should look like this. ^

9. Then take the section you separated before, and  separate it into three sections, keeping the sections to the bottom. So the top part of the section is smooth. Does that make sense. (See what I mean in the photo? :) Make a loose braid, and pin across your head. Below:

And you could stop there and it looks great, simple and fast for lazy mornings. 

We decided to add one of her flowers, and I just bobby pinned it in place. :)

And there we go! It's super cute,and off the neck, and easy enough for me to do. I'm a happy girl!!

And if you don't have these^ You are seriously missing out. They make buns SOOOO much easier. They hold hair really well, (I have super thick slippery hair) and they work much better than regular bobbypins. So look into getting those if you plan to do tons of buns this summer. :)

What are your favorite hairstyles?

pea ess: Thanks Mary for being my beautiful model and putting up with me playing with your hair. :)


  1. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! I was ready to scream when I saw this post in my dashboard, I was so excited!!!!!

    I love the hairstyle. It is so pretty. And once my hair gets long, I'll definitely, definitely try it out!

  2. Very cute! It reminds me of Lucy Pevensie in the Narnia films. ^_^

    -Leah Kathryn

  3. i am so bad at doing my hair and this would probably still be too hard for me, haha. but the model is gorgeous and so so so cute:)

  4. I have the cutest penpal ever!!

  5. Oh la-la! Very pretty, Becca. :)


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