Saturday, April 7, 2012

girl + camera + spring = wildflower photos

Hello awesome people.
     You really are awesome, ‘cause you put up with my frequent blogging boredom's!! J It feels like my life is just the same all the time, with nothing new to post about.
     But, today I do have a bunch of photos. It was so lovely out, warm with blue sky, I decided to go for a walk and take some photos of the little wildflowers all over our property.

My little bottle-fed goats are doing amazing. All the kids have been feeding them this whole time, and it is really nice not to have to do it!

Every year a city near us puts on a Passion play, of the Passover, Crucifixion, burial, and rising again of Christ. We didn’t make it to the Passover part, but went to the Crucifixion and burial last night. It is always so real to watch it. This year, two friends from church were the two thieves on the cross. (It was just a little funny to see them up there. My little siblings have been laughing today about seeing the guys in their ‘underwear’ (more like shorts!! J) We are going to the Resurrection on Sunday.
I had another goat kidd last night, but both the babies didn’t make it. One was born dead, and the other died shortly after it was born. It is really frustrating to loose babies and mamas, and not know what went wrong. The mama, my favorite goat Aleen, isn’t doing very well, and we’re gonna take her into the Vet Clinic in a little bit. (As soon as the vet gets there. It’s a Saturday afternoon, the worst time to have a problem, ‘cause the vets off, and they have to come in special just for us!! Which also means it will probably cost more…)
     I am really hoping that the last two mamas to kidd will have no problem, and that their babies are all fine. We’ll have to see though, with my luck the way it’s been. J

On a happier note, I think spring might be here to stay!!!!! The last few days have been amazingly beautiful; I even bought myself a new pair of sunglasses!!!! It’s always exciting to buy new sunglasses.

      And, my big brother, Thomas, is off at a huge amusement park in Korea right now!! Seriously, aren’t you supposed to invite your sister along on trips like that?!? (Not really, roller coasters and rides like that freak me out completely!!J Plus, I don’t think I could afford the plane ticket…)

     You should look up Korean food sometime. He says it’s really good, but personally, squid legs and oysters just don’t sound too great. I love my steak and chicken, thanks! Seafood tastes way to much like fish… go figure! :P (I’m not a seafood gal!)

Ok, I’m done rambling!



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