Thursday, June 9, 2016

its a girl thing // cranberry

this i need to do this afternoon:
* finish scoring the kiddo's math pages
* fold and put away the mountain of clothing that is currently covering my bed. 
* laundry
* play with my puppy.

places I'd rather be today:
* the beach. always the beach.
* Paris
* Italy
* Goldendale

simple things i love at the moment:
* lemonade
*captain crunch cereal
*morning coffee, afternoon coffee, after dinner coffee
* the sound of the rain outside my window
*listening to Lydia pretend to talk on the phone
* ice cream
* watching my siblings watch a movie


  1. Cute outfit Becca. :)
    I like the cranberry color!
    Cute earrings! Where do you get your earrings?
    I need to get some but need to get nickle free. :/

    Ah! Megs and my mom are at the beach right now!
    They are a ladies retreat with our church down to Lincoln City and got there today and will be there till Saturday. :)

    I love the beach too! Cannon Beach is my favorite. <3

    1. Thanks Tiffany!!
      I buy earrings all over the place. I have super sensitive skin, so that's always a challenge, and I have bought tons of earrings that don't work... This pair is from Fred Meyer, actually, and they're one of my favorites. I can wear them with no problems. (I just always look for the hypoallergenic label, and usually its okay.)A great place to look would be Claires, they're usually at the mall, but they have a huge selection of nickle-free and hypoallergenic earrings. (they also have a rewards program, which is always great! :)

      Ahh,your mom and Megan are lucky!!! :)

  2. That dress is SO gorgeous!!! But then everything is gorgeous on you :)

  3. Like the dress. You can't have too many red dresses 😉. And, I totally agree - love to hear rain outside the windows.

  4. Stop being so gorgeous. That's not allowed. ;)

    I love that color/dress on you. Absolutely stunning!

    Dani xoxo
    a vapor in the wind

  5. I love, love the dress!! Where did you get it??

    1. I found it at Goodwill for $6.99. Couldn't resist it. :)

  6. Love the dress - the style and color are just perfect!


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